Doc chronicles fuel shipments by Iranian tankers to Venezuela  

November 6, 2020 - 18:50

TEHRAN – The Owj Arts and Media Organization has produced a documentary recounting the story of fuel shipments by Iranian tankers to Venezuela.

“Blood and Petroleum” directed by Mostafa Shoqi was reviewed during a meeting at the organization on Wednesday evening.

The documentary depicts how Iranian fuel tankers entered Venezuela’s waters, as a sign of defiance by Iran and Venezuela against the United States’ sanctions on both countries.

Former Iranian oil minister Rostam Qasemi and Iran’s former ambassador to Venezuela Ahmad Sobhani attended the meeting.

Iran sent oil tankers to Venezuela amid the United States sanctions against both countries. The first tanker from a flotilla of five loaded with cargoes of Iranian fuel reached Venezuela’s exclusive economic zone on May 23.

Speaking at the ceremony, director Shoqi called the documentary a great honor for the country and said, “Two individuals had great roles in making this documentary. One was Mr. Qasmei who actually was the real hero of the film and the second one was Ehsan Mohammad-Hassani who had the idea of making the documentary.” 

Sobhani also in his brief words said, “The success of Iranian fuel tankers proved that we must be powerful, and this power and authority helped the tankers accomplish their mission successfully.” 

Qasemi also said that Iranian tankers reached Venezuela despite threats from the U.S. president, and this great success has been portrayed in the documentary well.

A poster for the film was unveiled next and Shoqi, producer Mehdi Motahhar, editor Masud Saki and musician Mohammad-Amin Ashuri were honored at the meeting.

Photo:  A poster for the documentary “Blood and Petroleum” is on display at the Owj Arts and Media Organization on November 4, 2020. (Mehr/Behnam Tofiqi)


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