Cinéma Vérité to review “The Chilean Building”

December 6, 2020 - 18:39

TEHRAN – “The Chilean Building” by Macarena Aguilo has been selected to be screened in the Chilean Films Panorama at the 14th edition of the Cinéma Vérité festival in Tehran.

Iran’s major international festival for documentary films, which will be organized online this year due to the pandemic, plans to review a lineup of acclaimed documentaries by Chilean filmmakers in this category.

“The Chilean Building” co-produced by Chile, France, Cuba and the Netherlands, retraces a little-known chapter of Chilean history for the first time: after their exile in Europe, militants of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR) returned to the country to support the struggle against the Pinochet dictatorship. Their children were placed in safety, first in Europe and then in Cuba, in community houses baptized “Project Home”. 

These children grew up far from their parents, who had left to defend their political ideals in Chile. The perspective of the director — who was herself one of the many children of the MIR brought up in one of these communal structures, unique for their time — brings the utopic spirit of yesterday face to face with lucidity, regret and, at times, the disillusionment of these children who, in the meantime, have become adults.

It is also an opportunity to reflect, through the many testimonies gathered and precious archive documents, on the price of sacrificing family as opposed to the value of political commitment and the fight for freedom.

“The Cordillera of Dreams” by Patricio Guzman and “The Other One” by Francisco Bermejo are among the films to be screened in the Chilean Films Panorama.

This year’s Cinéma Vérité is scheduled to be held from December 15 to 22.

Photo: “The Chilean Building” by Macarena Aguilo.


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