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Medical tourism in Turkey

December 13, 2020 - 15:54

​Medical Tourism is not tourism and health, but it is tourism for health. That is a trip to another country to improve their health, perform medical or cosmetic surgery, or receive other health and wellness services!

Medical care in another country is directly related to tourism activities because the patient has entered a new cultural environment and wants to visit the city and tourist attractions and have fun and buy souvenirs.

The World Tourism Organization defines health tourism as:

Use of services that improve or enhance a person's health and morale (using mineral water, climate, or medical interventions) and lasts for more than 24 hours outside .the person's place of residence

Why health tourism in Turkey

The fact that patients from all over the world come to Turkey for treatment shows the progress of medical tourism turkey. It is natural that health tourists choose countries for treatment that offer superior quality at a better price, and also, contrary to popular belief, health and medical tourists pay particular attention to the standards of the International Joint Commission (JCI). According to the Anatolian News Agency, in this area, Turkey ranks sixth in the world with 48 hospitals with standards and conditions (JCI).

According to the statistics, health medical tourists come to Turkey in addition to general surgery and gynecology for radiotherapy, laser eye surgery, oral and dental diseases, infertility treatment, cardiovascular diseases, and organ transplants. Turkey also offers a wide range of medical tourism services for the elderly and disabled. The high diversity of health services and the high quality of services have led Turkey to earn more than health tourism through health tourism; According to Turan Bozgan, president of the Turkish Association for Health Strategies and Social Policies, the per capita cost of foreign nationals coming to Turkey for treatment is almost 10 times higher than those who travel to Turkey for holidays. According to this health tourism activist in Turkey, about one million and 100 thousand people come to Turkey every year for treatment. Health tourism is in the form of medical tourism, tourism for the disabled and the elderly, and hot water tourism. In all three cases, Turkey has the potential to expand and develop. According to the president of the Turkish Association for Health Strategies and Social Policies, perhaps one of the reasons health tourism is booming in Turkey is that better health services can be provided in Turkey at a lower cost. Providing high-quality health services and less waiting time is one of the benefits of health tourism in Turkey. Treatment of eye diseases, obstetrics, and gynecology, artificial insemination or IVF, cardiovascular surgery, oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, dentistry, and hair transplantation are some of the areas of health tourism that are welcomed by foreigners.

importance of medical tourism

In short, private, public, and university hospitals in the country, led by Istanbul hospitals, are equipped with the best technologies in the world (you can check more details about” Istanbul in 3 days “on our webpage). In the structure of the Health Tourism Organization, affiliated to the Ministry of Health, translation services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Arabic, English, German and Russian by calling 112 for emergencies, 184 for complaints, which is available to international patients in the hospital. Private and public hospitals are at the level of European countries in terms of technological equipment and physical condition. Turkey is also ranked seventh in the world and first in Europe in terms of hot springs, and in this regard, it has very well-equipped and experienced spa hotels.

Best medical tourism companies in turkey

At Elcidtour, we have visited some medical centers closely and, based on their scientific, professional, and international competencies, have entered into cooperation and representation contracts with selected medical centers. Therefore, you can leave the steps of getting and sending the patient and following the treatment to us with ease.

Elcidtour Tourism Services Company cares about the health and relief of human suffering without considering any discrimination and always strives to provide the best and highest quality medical and health services to tourists by using modern sciences and continuous training of staff. It’s so important to choose best time to visit turkey, so Elcidtour will guide you through this perfect.

Efforts to establish lasting friendship and peace between nations, increase life expectancy and vitality in society and pay attention to the wishes of the customer and respect him/her, is the headline of our activities, and hope and health is a gift that is perfect in this collection. Humility and respect are offered to dear clients.

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