‘We love human rights when we can kick China, Iran’, says MEP

December 20, 2020 - 13:15
Mick Wallace says European Parliament cannot debate ‘Saudi-UAE genocide’ in Yemen because Europe is a complicit

TEHRAN – A member of the European Parliament has railed against European countries for their hypocrisy when dealing with human rights issues, saying the EU loves human rights when it comes to China and Iran, but it can’t debate Saudi, UAE war crimes in Yemen.

“EU gives prizes to opposition in #Belarus because it borders #Russia - we love #HumanRights when we can kick #China + #Iran,” Mick Wallace said via Twitter on Saturday.

“But [we] can't get debate in Parliament on #Yemen because we're complicit in #Saudi #UAE Genocide that's killed hundreds of thousands, and millions starving,” Wallace added.

It came after the European Parliament issued a resolution to strongly condemned the “arbitrary detention, sentencing and, recently, return to prison of woman human rights defender, lawyer and 2012 Sakharov Prize laureate Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran.”

The MEPs urged Iranian authorities to “immediately and unconditionally release her and allow her to receive the healthcare she requires.”

In addition, the resolution condemned “the recent executions in Iran of France-based journalist Ruhollah Zam, editor of the Amad News Telegram channel, and wrestler Navid Afkari, while urging Iran to immediately halt the imminent execution of Swedish-Iranian academic Ahmadreza Djalali.”

Zam, the operator behind the Amad News website and Telegram channel, was executed on December 12, days after the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence.

It also called on EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and all EU countries to urgently intervene to try to halt plans to execute Djalali.

The resolution demanded targeted EU measures against Iranian officials involved in the recent executions of Ruhollah Zam and Navid Afkari, and other cases.

In a Saturday statement, members of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee called the resolution “ridiculous,” saying the European Parliament is the same body that remained silent against the “cowardly assassinations of innocent Iranian scientists.”

The committee also tasked Iran’s Foreign Ministry with presenting to the Parliament a list of European officials who have been involved in the imposition of Iran sanctions, especially the medical ones, as well as those European officials who have supported terrorist groups and judges who have issued sentences against innocent Iranian nationals.

Head of the Iranian Judiciary's High Council for Human Rights also reacted on Friday to the anti-Iran resolution by the European Parliament, saying those who have prevented innocent children from accessing medicine are not even justified to talk about “animal rights”.

Bagheri-Kani said the European countries are now involved in killing dozens of sick Iranian children due to their targeted efforts to prevent Iranian children from accessing medicine.

“Therefore, they are not in a position to lecture about human rights,” Bagheri-Kani added, according to ISNA.

Bagheri-Kani said it is a modern deception when “you block the patients from getting access to medicine, while shedding crocodile tears because a sentence has been carried out for a criminal.”

“By taking a nation’s health and livelihood hostage with the goal of imposing their illegitimate demands, the Europeans have set a new record in modern savagery,” he added.


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