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HAMRAHE AVAL ready to smarting processes in energy field

January 1, 2021 - 14:53

Chief Executive of Hamrahe Aval (Mobile Company of Iran, MCI) in his meeting with the Chairman of Parliament’s Energy Commission Fereydoun Abbasi stated, “Hamrahe Aval is ready to provide subscribers with the processes of electronic issuances of consumption of energy carriers in a virtual and smart way in cooperation with the state-owned organizations and responsible ministries in the field of energy. 

 Chief Executive of Hamrahe Aval (MCI) further announced his readiness to implement the strategic management in public transportation practically with the cooperation of responsible organizations. 

 Parliament’s Energy Commission Chairman Fereydoun Abbasi for his part appreciated quality services of Hamrahe Aval (MCI) in the development of communications especially in impassable and hard-to-pass regions. He pointed out that paying due attention to the Digital Marketing field and laws in this area is considered as one of existing priorities of the country. 

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