Meeting Held for Expansion of Exports to African Countries

September 7, 1999 - 0:0
TEHRAN In order to increase exporst of Iran's non-oil commodities and to offer technical services to African continent, a gathering was held in the Export Promotion Center of Iran. Managing Director of Export Promotion Center of Iran (EPCI) Mojtaba Khosrotaj here Sunday called for a revision in outlook towards the continent of Africa, reported the public relation office of EPCI. Khosrotaj reiterated the importance of establishment and expansion of inter-banking relations with the various countries of African continent, proper planning for obtaining country's needed basic goods against exporting of goods and services, expansion of bilateral trade ties, and also mobilizing the country's data banks with cooperation of Iran's Foreign Ministry. In the gathering the participants asked that the free trade zones of African continent be designated so that proper planning for trading could be made.

The gathering also touched on issues ranging from benefiting from common religious and cultural points to the necessity of establishing large specialized export companies. (IRNA)