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HAMRAHE AVAL Breaks Record in Installing, Launching Mobile BTS Sites

January 20, 2021 - 16:1

Despite the toughest foreign sanctions imposed against the country, HAMRAHE AVAL (Mobile Company of Iran, MCI) could set a new record in the history of development of mobile phone network. Accordingly, the company managed to install 1333 new BTS locations of over 4,500 3% and 4G technology in 31 provinces of the country.

🔹Since December of last year, Iranian engineers of Naghsh-e-Aval Quality Company, the largest subsidiary of Hamrah-e-Aval have been able to install and set up a new mobile location site in all provinces of the country at the round-the-clock efforts and could add 15,000 3G and 4G technology to existing sites.

It should be noted that HAMRAHE AVAL (MCI) invested more than 4,500 billion tomans for installing and commissioning new site in the form of phase eight of mobile development project to witness the increase of satisfaction and maximum access of its subscribers to the latest communication services in these days that the country is grappling with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

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