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HAMRAHE Aval Launches, Installs 309 New BTS Sites in Khorasan Razavi Province

January 24, 2021 - 16:56

· A number of 309 new BTS mobile phone sites were installed and launched in Khorasan Razavi province the past year in 1398, aimed at completing the launch of mobile phone network.

· In line with increasing quality and accessing subscribers of HAMRAHE AVAL subscribers to the ‘contact’ and ‘data’ services, a number of 309 new BTS internet sites of mobile phone and 1,146 various technologies were launcged in 51 cities and villages of this province, costing over 309 billion tomans in the past year. The aforementioned mobile phone services were launched and installed by expert engineers of Naghsh-e Aval Keifiat as the largest subsidiary of HAMRAHE AVAL and technical contractor of this operator.

· Despite all challenges facing ahead of development of the network such as outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID-19, passing from hard=to=pass and arduous regions as well as unilateral sanctions imposed against the country, this giant project has been put into operation in the religious city of the country home to numerous pilgrims.

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