Iranian troupe to perform play on World War II in Stuttgart

February 16, 2021 - 18:37

TEHRAN – Iranian director Arman Shirali plans to stage a play on World War II at the Stuttgart Theater House in Germany in early spring.

His troupe has been performing the play entitled “We Are Different” at the Shahrzad Theater Complex in Tehran since January 31, and the last performance will go on stage today.

“We have rehearsed for a year to stage the play, and we will perform it for three nights at the Stuttgart Theater House,” he told the Persian service of MNA on Tuesday.

“The troupe is performing the play in six languages, and I plan to stage it at international festivals across the world,” he added.

Co-written by Sobhan Babai and Shirali, the story of the plays is about a senior commander of the Allies and his men, who are assigned the task of assassinating a top German commander. In the heat of their mission, they find out that they all are the victims of a conspiracy from their top leaders, and have no chance of escape. 

“Despite the pandemic restrictions, our performances have been warmly received, and I believe that when you have a compelling story it will find its audience,” Shirali noted.

A cast of 24 actors has spent several months learning languages to portray German, Russian, French, British, American and Iranian characters in their native languages. Iranian theatergoers have watched the performances with subtitles.

Shirali said that he never limits his plays to a specific time or geographical place, and added that people can have their own personal perceptions of the play.

“Some people may find it a romance, and others may view it as a political or social story, but I have tried not to limit my play to a single genre, rather, I’m seeking a new and different relation with the audience,” he stated.

Mehdi Rafiei, Sobhan Babai, Sadaf Safari, Sara Abbasi and Javad Sahar are members of the cast.

Photo: Members of director Arman Shirali’s troupe perform “We Are Different” at the Shahrzad Theater Complex in Tehran on February 3, 2021. ( Ez’hari) 


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