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Tips of Ordering Gold & Jewellery Online

February 24, 2021 - 22:51

If you be a jewelry buyer, you know that the price of ready-made jewelry is a little different from custom-made. Many people are willing to order a special and unique  jewelry by ordering Custom-made, or order gold that they have seen and liked the model. In this report, we will introduce you to the terms and steps of jewelry customization.

Buy jewelry or make a construction order one

As we mentioned briefly, when you order jewelry, you will usually have to pay more than ready-made gold. This is because of the steps that a custom gold must go through to reach the customer. Making custom gold for those looking for a special and stylish jewelry is worth paying a little more, so do not hesitate to order and make, but some buyers also prefer that the gold is made and ready. In any case, buying jewelry can be a safe and secure investment for those who are interested in gold jewelry. Order gold making can be done in person or leave your custom gold making to online jewelry stores.

Important points of ordering gold online

In order to customize your desired gold online, you should pay attention to the points that we mention in this section. Because fraud is common and  happen a lot in this field.

Check the online store license

In order to have an informed purchase, we suggest that you check the license of your desired store. In addition to operating under the auspices of the Jewelry Association, online stores must also be licensed by the competent authorities of online businesses.

Ask for a purchase invoice

The gold you order must have an official invoice stamped and signed by the seller so in case of disputes and problems, you can take formal action. The valid invoice has information such as the name of the purchased part, the price of the day of gold, the price of the construction commission, the grade of gold and its final price. This invoice must be on the official letterhead and stamped and signed by the seller.

Custom gold making steps

Most online stores have product catalogs that these products can be viewed in categories and you can order the model you want. If you have a specific model in your mind, you can even send it to the manufacturer so that if it's possible, they can design and made exactly the model you want.

For example, you see a model of a women's gold ring in the online jewelry store and you like it. To order, you can find detailed information such as the type of stone, stone price, construction and delivery time, delivery method,'s better to ask the seller about them, sometimes you can change the weight and gemstone as you wish.

In an other example, if you send your favorite gold service model to a jewelry maker, ask him or her to help you customize this gold service model. You can even order some service items such as a ring or bracelet and prepare it in half set.

Making and ordering gold on the Zar site

Zar site is one of the most reputable online jewelry stores in the country, which operates with all official licenses under the supervision of the Jewelry Union. The most up-to-date models of gold and jewelry for men and women in the world can be seen in the catalog of the Zar site. You can also send your favorite models to order and get advice on the final price, choice of stone, etc. Order your wishes at the best price and shortest time by best experts of mading jewelry experts.

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