Ancient potteries documented in laboratory of Abarkuh museum

March 2, 2021 - 21:35

TEHRAN – A collection of earthen objects and clay vessels have recently been restored and documented in the laboratory of the Abarkuh Museum of Anthropology, tourism chief of the central Iranian town said on Tuesday. 

Hamid Moshtaqian explained that some 35 historical earthen potteries including bowls, jars, vases, jugs, goblets, plates, candlesticks, and cups bearing engraved geometric and plant motifs have recently been added to the museum treasure trove.

Before being put on show, cultural heritage experts have to document the artifacts for better maintenance, he explained.

The official also noted that pottery is one of the valuable pieces of art and cultural heritage leftover from the past, which depicts a clear picture of the way people lived in this region.

Abarkuh is famed for its several historical castles and fortresses as well as being home to a 4000-year-old cypress, which is inscribed on the National Heritage List. Venetian merchant and explorer Marco Polo described the tree as one of the most stunning cypress trees he had ever seen in Iran.


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