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April 17, 2021 - 12:49

In this article LAHZEAKHAR helps us to know necessary tip of travel, totally get some information about destination can increase you’re enjoy, so please read it to end:

Travel cost management

The majority of people believe that an expensive trip is more joyful but if you manage your costs in a trip in addition to economy trip you can enjoy from your trip too. Information from your destination and read some itinerary from some travelers help you to know about entertainment cost and these itineraries helps you to find economy entertainments, you can find and read itinerary in LAHZEAKHAR and we have big data about tourism places in IRAN and all over the word.

How to pack a suitcase

In this part you need to know the equipment you need for your trip and it’s exactly related to your travel, I try to list more important items for you to check the before trip:

· ID card

· Passport

· Insurance document

· Bank cards

· Shirt

· Socks

· T-shirt

· Comfortable clothes

· Pants

· Skirt

· sweatshirt

· Scarf and hat

· warm cloth

· Gloves

· Umbrella

· shoe

· Slippers

· Belt

· Bag

Book accommodation and tour

If you want to have trip by yourself it’s necessary to book your accommodation before trip, forget it can screw your trip but if you want to travel with a tour, you can help from your travel agency to book the hotel or villa for you and buy all your tickets, in LAHZEAKHAR.COM in addition to book any hotel and buy any ticket you can get help from travel agency members in our website.

The most popular and important tourist places of that destination

This parts are available in LAHZEAKHAR.COM and you can read about your special destination:

· travel agencies

·  useful information

·  Visa information

·  Embassy

·  currency

·  Airports

·  Airlines

· shopping center

· museums

· beaches

· Souvenirs

· exhibitions

· Festivals

· Concert

· restaurants

· Cafes

· foods

· Tourism Blog

· Tourism destinations

· Tourism costs

· Travel knowledge

· Planning the trip

· Events

· Culture and tradition

· Customs

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