Xi says world needs justice, not hegemony in veiled reference to U.S.

April 20, 2021 - 22:8

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for a fairer world order in the face of the West’s unilateralism, warning hegemonic countries against “bossing others around.”

Speaking at the annual Boao Forum for Asia on Tuesday, Xi said that “the future destiny of the world should be decided by all countries.”

“One or a few countries shouldn’t impose their rules on others, and the world shouldn’t be led on by the unilateralism of a few countries,” Xi said.

Without singling out the U.S., the Chinese president warned against building barriers that are against market principles.

“Attempts to erect walls or decouple run counter to the law of economics and market principles. They would hurt others’ interests without benefiting oneself,” Xi stated, in a veiled reference to Washington’s efforts to reduce dependence on Chinese supply chains and crub export of products such as advanced computer chips to China.


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