Water storage in Iranian dams declines 20%

April 26, 2021 - 13:58

TEHRAN – Iranian Deputy Energy Minister for Water and Wastewater Affairs Ghasem Taqizadeh Khamesi said water storage in the country’s dams has declined 20 percent in the current water year (started in September 2020) compared to the previous year.

Khamesi noted that the country will be facing some problems for providing water for the agricultural sectors in the current Iranian calendar year (started on March 20), IRIB reported.

“This year, due to a 50 percent decrease in rainfall compared to last year and also a 40 percent decline compared to the average rainfall in the past 50 years, we won’t be able to supply water for the three cultivation periods of spring, autumn and summer,” Taqizadeh Khamesi said.

Pointing out that the priority of the Energy Ministry is to supply drinking water to people, the official said: “seven billion cubic meters of water is needed to supply the drinking water needed in the country, of which 50 percent should be supplied from surface water and 50 percent from groundwater.”

“In some parts of the country wells and springs are drying up due to decreased rainfall, which is why this year the Energy Ministry has been preparing to supply water to 6,000 villages by tanker,” he added.

The official emphasized the need for managing and rationing of water supply to agricultural sectors in the country since the drought and water problems could continue in the coming years.

"Iran is a semi-arid country and we must be prepared to adapt to water scarcity," he said, adding: "Currently, 50 percent of Iran's population lives in areas where only 20 percent of the country's water resources are available, that is why we have to transport water and supply it through water tankers in these regions.”

Over the past year, water consumption in Iran has increased by more than 35 percent following the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

According to the Energy Ministry data, per capita water consumption in Iran is higher than world standards and currently each person consumes 350 liters of water per day.


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