Music video featuring “Combat”, “Homeland” released in memory of Gen. Soleimani

April 27, 2021 - 18:59

TEHRAN – A music video featuring the song “Combat” and “Homeland” was released in memory of Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleiamni on Tuesday.  

The music video has been produced in a collaborative effort between IRIB’s Music Center and the Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality.

The songs for the music video have been selected from “The Soldier”, a symphonic poem released by the Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality last December to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Commander Soleimani.

The symphonic poem was composed by Arman Mehraban with lyrics by Ali-Mohammad Moaddab. Amir-Hossein Samiei sang the symphonic poem with the IRIB Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Arash Amini.

In February 2020, only one month after his martyrdom, the courtyard of Tehran’s City Theater Complex hosted some open-air performances named “The Soldier” on the military life of the commander. 

Following his assassination last year on January 3, Soleimani has become a symbol of heroism, patriotism and sacrifice. He has drawn the attention of numerous artists, filmmakers, directors and documentary producers, and has since become the main character of several theatrical productions and movies. 

Photo: Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleiamni (file photo).


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