Parliament will verify sanctions removal, says MP

May 1, 2021 - 21:47

TEHRAN— In an interview with Tasnim News Agency, Abbas Moghtadaei, deputy head of the National Security Committee of the parliament, said that the lifting of sanctions should be based on the fact that the parliament has taken strategic action to lift the sanctions in accordance with the law.

Responding to a question about the recent Iran-P4+1 negotiations in Vienna, the parliamentarian said that in these negotiations, the Iranian delegate focuses on the complete lifting of sanctions and then the issue of verifications related to sanctions.

He added that the verification of the lifting of sanctions should be based on the fact that the parliament has taken strategic measures to lift the sanctions under the law, saying,

“The verification is to sell our oil and transfer its money to the country, to be able to communicate and do business and remove the barriers that the Americans have created in various economic fields such as transportation and shipping and so on.”

Stressing that the negotiations should not avert from the main path, the representative of Isfahan people in the parliament said, “The focus of the negotiations should be the complete lifting of sanctions, action vs. action and avoiding the step-by-step approaches.”

Moghtadaei noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should provide a report should the sanctions be lifted.

After reviewing that report by the committee, it is reported to the parliament (by the ministry of foreign affairs). The parliament decides what should be done, which serves the interests of the Iranian people.

The Vienna negotiations entered the fourth week, while the Russian and the Chinese delegates unequivocally asked the U.S. to lift all the sanctions immediately.

The Joint Commission reconvenes on May 1 to resume talks at both deputies and experts level. 


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