Nearly 10,000 national housing units ready to be handed over to applicants

May 9, 2021 - 13:13

TEHRAN- Iran’s deputy transport and urban development minister announced that nearly 10,000 national housing units are ready to be handed over to the applicants.

Mahmoud Mahmoudzadeh also said, “We at the Ministry of Transport and Urban Development are looking to implement the national housing action plan on a larger scale.”

As reported last week, the ministry has provided Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution with land for the construction of 81,000 housing units under the framework of the mentioned plan.

According to Transport and Urban Development Minister Mohammad Eslami, the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution is going to construct 100,000 housing unit under the mentioned plan of which so far, the land for 81,000 units has been provided.

The official noted that so far 56,000 applicants have registered with the foundation to receive the mentioned housing units.

The National Housing Action Plan aims to construct 400,000 small and medium-size apartments (70-100 square meters in size) across the country and particularly in Tehran, where housing prices have risen most sharply.

Nearly half of the total number of the said houses will be constructed in Tehran’s suburban “new towns” such as Parand and Pardis, respectively located in the west and east of the city.

Back in March Eslami had announced that 510,000 residential units will be provided for the applicants under the framework of the National Housing Action Plan during the coming months.

Earlier that month Mahmoudzadeh had said that the construction costs for the National Housing Action Plan are set based on the current year’s construction material price list and haven’t changed.

The official made the remarks in response to some rumors about the rise in the prices of such housing units as a result of the increase in construction costs.


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