Hundreds of meteorites on show at specialized museum in Tehran

May 19, 2021 - 19:30

TEHRAN – Over 1200 meteorites, mostly collected from scorching Iranian deserts, have been put on  show at a specialized museum in Tehran.

The museum is dedicated to meteorites that have hit the sprawling Lut Desert and other parts of the country over time, according to Hojjat Kamali who presides over the museum, IRNA reported on Wednesday.

The scorching Lut Desert is now being considered to be one of the top areas in the world for finding meteorites, thanks to its unique parameters. In recent years, significant finds have been made, with the efforts of national and international teams of researchers.

Meteorites, whether more iron-rich or “stony,” are generally silvery or black, and therefore stand out in two major environments – sandy deserts, or icy realms. According to experts, the dry conditions of a desert help to preserve the space rocks in as original a condition as possible.


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