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From Tehran to Rome: Third episode of the video series on fine arts at the Italian Embassy in Tehran

June 7, 2021 - 14:10

Third episode of the video series on fine arts and Khosrow Khorshidi drawings exhibit at the Italian Embassy in Tehran.

The Residence of the Italian Ambassador in Tehran, Giuseppe Perrone, has hosted on June 3 the screening of the third episode of the video-series "From Tehran to Rome. A Journey through Art ", featuring life and work of Iranian contemporary master Khosrow Khorshidi.

“From Tehran to Rome. A Journey through Art " is a series of seven monographic episodes, produced by the Italian Embassy in Tehran in cooperation with local artists, with the aim of introducing modern and contemporary Italian and Iranian artists, whose training and work have been influenced by artistic trends in both countries.

The episode "King of the Scene" featuring Khosrow Khorshidi, as well as the previous episodes "Tapesh" featuring Bizhan Bassiri and "Hands in Earth" featuring Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam, are available on the Italian Embassy's social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter).

Together with the screening, the Italian Embassy in Tehran inaugurated an exhibit of drawings by Khosrow Khorshidi by the title "Life in Tehran. Cafes and Foreign Embassies", featuring an exclusive selection of 27 black and white drawings of embassies and historical places in the Iranian capital made over the years by Khosrow Khorshidi based on his memory recollection.

Among the historic places reproduced by Master Khorshidi is the Italian residence in Farmanieh, with its beautifully preserved Persian garden, where the exhibition was hosted, as well as a 1951 sketch of the palace in the compound of the Italian Embassy on Neuphle-le-Chateau Avenue, a neoclassical building designed by Russian architect Victor Markov, who designed many historic buildings in central Teheran around 100 years ago. Other drawings feature buildings housing other foreign embassies in Tehran, as well as life scenes in historic squares, schools, shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters of Tehran.

"The exhibit of the beautiful drawings by Khosrow Khorshidi showing historic buildings and gardens in Tehran is a tribute to the artistic genius and career of one of the most prolific and inspired contemporary Iranian artists", said Ambassador Perrone during the inauguration ceremony.

Khorshidi, born in Iran in 1932, studied in Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and trained in the studio of Italian famed director Franco Zeffirelli. He lives in Teheran and still paints today.

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