By Mohammad Mazhari

Biden-Harris government has put American Republic at risk, says rights activist

June 13, 2021 - 14:3

TEHRAN – While some states in the U.S. are preparing to restrict voting rights, an American human rights activist says that the Biden-Harris government has jeopardized the American Republic.

"Unless there is a rapid effort to remove this criminal enterprise called the Biden-Harris government, the American Republic is doomed," Randy Short tells the Tehran Times.

Democrats claim that Republicans are putting the American democracy in mortal danger. There are also critics who claim that the current Democratic administration is a real threat to Republicanism in the United States.

"In order to cause mass death and destruction, the American people have been under level of oppression that mirrors a dystopian Third-World dictatorship wherein their rights have been stripped," Short argues.
Following is the text of the interview:

Q:  How do you assess the current U.S. democracy? Is it an ethical democracy or just a plutocracy influenced by money and media?

A: The United States has since its inception in 1787 has been the Constitutional Republic, and it is both ahistorical and farcical to use incorrect terms to define the political system. Therefore, I will rephrase your question as if you had queried about the U.S. as a Republic.

Candidly, the Republic is in danger of being destroyed from within by the corrosive power of globalistic elites that has no loyalty to the United States as a nation and have an existential hatred and disdain towards the common people of the United States. The gross theft of the 2020 presidential election by the Deep State traitors the subsequent eugenics campaign foisted on the people by the illegal and usurper Biden-Harris regime to allow the invasion of the United States by hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 infected persons and the Malthusian mass nonconsensual human experimentation of the public with non-FDA-approved bioweapons deceptively misnomered as vaccines, make the genocidal and totalitarian regimes of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Ceaucescu tame in comparison. In order to cause mass death and destruction, the American people have been under a level of oppression that mirrors a dystopian Third-World dictatorship wherein their rights have been stripped. Unless there is a rapid effort to remove this criminal enterprise called the Biden-Harris government, the American Republic is doomed. The courts, the press, the media, and the rest of society have been contaminated by an illegal coup that has been made to appear like free and fair elections when this simply is not the case. Regardless of how unrefined and problematic many found the Trump administration, the voters chose him to serve a second term.

The demonically orchestrated coup to oust Trump has caused tremendous national and global suffering. Every day that passes with the racist and corrupt Biden-Harris junta in power brings the American Republic closer to its wholesale destruction and decline into a socialistic and sexually perverted and deviant dictatorship with the aim to internationalize hedonistic gender-dysphoria, human trafficking, wars without end, atheism, eugenics, and biological warfare for profit to benefit Luciferian billionaire plutocrat uberclass. It must be added that there are other international forces outside of the U.S. that are working against society. Several nations took part in corrupting the final outcome of the 2020 presidential election and the mass poisoning of planet earth with the COVID-19 bioweapon. 

The U.S. has always been a Republic that has favored the rich and upper classes. Wealth and power matter more than any other value, and as the nation continues to slide into a late Roman Empire like moral malaise, hedonism and materialism steadily become more pronounced. The America First Movement led by former President Donald J. Trump, albeit with serious public relations flaws and numerous compromised and subversive persons in that administration, was trying hard to revive the ethics of the Republic that the immoral and criminal Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama presidencies had mortally undermined.  Several external forces have helped undermine the existence of an ethical Republic in the U.S. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Vatican have a mission to control and/or influence the destiny of America. 

Q:  Are the American people politically literate? Are they capable to determine U.S. destiny?

A: No, the majority of Americans are politically ignorant and arrogantly proud of their stupidity. The masses of Americans have been conditioned to be mental midgets and ignorant giants. The U.S. has scores of millions of persons incapable of reading beyond an elementary school level and tens of millions of illiterates-many of whom don't even speak English. Less than 3% of the American public reads. Annually, dozens of newspapers and periodicals go out of business for want of subscribers. If the same number of Americans addicted to pornography, drugs, alcohol, liquor, cigarettes, marijuana, prescription drugs, hallucinogens, mind-numbing movies, and degenerate television, and deviant sexual fetishes added a few minutes of reading to their busy schedules, the American masses would rank among the most enlightened in the world.

Millions of American youth learn about becoming homosexuals or the non-existence of maleness or femaleness but do not have any education in history, civics, social studies, geography, or even music or art. Virtually all-American colleges have remedial classes to teach semi-literate pupils how to read and write after twelve years of academic study.

The elite has destroyed the educational system in order to make the people stupid slaves. The civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s frightened the American ruling classes who realized their hegemony was threatened by the existence of an educated public, and they began to use media, entertainment, education, tainted food and water, and even religion to make the people passive and weak. The Nazis and Russian Communists used fluoride to make the prisoners in their camps passive. The American elite use fluoride, lead poisoning, mercury in vaccines, psychotropic drugs, sexual confusion via identity politics, marijuana legalization, religious cults, weaponized media and entertainment, neurotoxins in foods, and chem-trails to destroy the masses. 

Q: Do American people have a clear perception of democracy and political activity?

A: The majority, I do not think so. Please remember that roughly 100,000,000 Americans do not vote in national elections. The penultimate success of the plutocratic elites is that they have gotten a significant number of Americans to become aggressively estranged from participating in the political process. The peak epoch of Americans getting in involved in politics occurred in 1960--sixty-one years ago. Perhaps, when it is too late, they might notice. However, the nature of Americans is aggressive individualism and indifference towards others. Let me add this, the most unfree people in American society are not undocumented people but the DAFTA (descendants of Aboriginal and forcibly trafficked African Americans). The degree of how free and fair a society is and the engagement of the citizens in how the most marginalized people are treated.

Honestly, why hasn't the historic record of massacres (Black Wall Street, East Saint Louis, Elaine Arkansas, Knoxville, Wilmington, Rosewood, etc.), lynchings, pogroms, expulsions, peonage, or thousands of videos of murdered DAFTA ( aka Black Americans) by police or the statistics on health disparities, educational disparities, housing disparities, income inequality, life-chances disparities, incarceration disparities, and the targeting this population for abortion and/or sterilization not caused the white majority to realize social oppression has karma all its own? The Palestinianization of DAFTA is an ignored early warning of what will happen to the moronic white and honorary white masses. However, in America, most people live under the illusion that the suffering of others—especially Blacks—is none of their concern or their business, and they, even amid COVID-19, cannot fathom that they too can be eliminated. White skin and white mindedness are such as strong opium that it is dubious that they will ever realize that human beings are part of a chain of being. Last, the same Americans cannot imagine de-sensitized U.S. military personal are capable of doing to them what they practiced in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe (Ukraine), and the Middle East (West Asia). Dinosaur eggs will hatch before the toxic entitlement syndrome of racist white people changes. The Israelis will return the homes and farms to the ethnically cleansed Palestinians before the white majority realizes they too could become an oppressed people—it's too easy hating non-white people than to admit most white elites see them as lighter-complected useful idiot trash.

Q:  Some scholars believe that the American election system is outdated that needs to be reformed. Don't you think that the rules written in the 1700s must be updated?

A: The system, if it is to be changed, must be done constitutionally. Frankly, both the Constitution of the United States and that of the Confederate States of America had an electoral college and a 3/5ths clause: (1) the college existed because the ruling Anglo-American elite families feared and hated the white masses, and (2) the 3/5th enumeration institutionalized the sub-humanity of the Aboriginal-African population which was initially 30% of the population. Part of the foundation of the society that became the United States was the creation of the racial classification of WHITENESS, which allowed for the reconfiguration of English feudalism wherein the European masses were transubstantiated into a biological aristocracy by a social contract that rewarded them in exchange for their cooperation in a conspiracy to maintain an Apartheid system against the Black Indian population ( part of the biggest lies in the U.S. is that all the Indians were eliminated this is not true they were simply reclassified as Negroes people like the writer are a mixture of Aboriginal and African and European with no entitlement to the human status from any lineage).

The Europeans became biologically privileged as "whites," a superior master race who preserved their status by (1) defending the ruling elite Anglo-American landed gentry that had elevated them from serfs to racial brethren of humble origin, and (2) to hate, oppress, reject, and kill the non-white others—regardless of the plethora of reasons to find common cause with their "biological inferiors".

We see the same characteristic white settler colony horizontal violence in Israel wherein the Mizrahi are anti-Palestinian—despite their oppression by the Ashkenazi. The white supremacist's antisocial contract defends, protects, and enshrines the intrinsic injustice of the electoral college and the imaginary illusion of white inclusion in tandem with a Black subcaste to hate, exploit, and abuse as evidence and the tangible reward for their union with their oligarchical betters. Furthermore, in every state with a sizable Black population, there exist racist and unjust electoral laws created to deny and prevent DAFTA from having a political reputation. Even as this piece is written, there is a movement through the former pro-slavery Confederate states to limit the access of Blacks to franchise. Over 156 bloody years, there has been one long effort to keep what Thomas Jefferson described as "wolf by the ears" prostate and bowed. In a nutshell, the dystopia racist union in exclusionary bigotry and hatred has prevented the emergence of a more free, fair, and equitable society in the United States. The U.S., in all the HDMI, lags far behind other advanced westernized nations. The white masses have opposed social programs and policies that are characteristic of Western Europe and industrial societies, and the resistance is rooted in the historic agenda of crushing Blacks.

The white supremacist social contract developed since the 1670s onward has made the white masses a biologically racist and reactionary force that has fanciful and Kafkaesque delusions of grandeur that renders them impervious to their own lack of freedom and justice. It is clinically insane to think that scores of millions of people who perceive their superior racial status embedded with structures such as the Electoral College being interested or willing to risk losing their advanced position in society to subhuman evolutionary-deficient inferiors. The entire society, if it wishes to save itself from a horrific racial conflagration at some future date that will have no winners, must take a hiatus from the 17th-century system of intolerant racial and caste hatred that birthed the Electoral College and the concept of white superiority. 

Q: Given the history of slavery in the U.S., do you think that American democracy was or is able to counter racism?

A: No, the present society must maintain racism to preserve the social order wherein the majority of whites imagine themselves to have access to the White American Dream. The racial ideology has instilled in whites that they are in a racial zero-sum game with Blacks and they will lose everything if anything improves for those they hate. The change will not come through the political system. The only hope for America is for there to be a religious awakening that upholds the value of all human beings. It is not necessarily something that one can be optimistic about because the majority of Americans, regardless of their ethnic background, are out of synch with the Holy Scriptures. Most Anglo, Black, Latino, Asian, white ethnics. and other Americans that are Christians are under the spell of false religion and/or a pro-white apostate theology. For example, Zionism, Curse of Ham doctrine (Blacks are cursed and were made slaves by God), and British Israelis-Christian Identity (whites are God's chosen people Blacks and others are of the devil to be enslaved or exterminated) enshrine genocidal and pathological hatred of Blacks in particular and non-whites in general—with the exception of Zionism which is unique in its preference for hatred of Palestinians instead of Blacks. Only divine intervention can address this issue. 

Q: Do you believe that former U.S. President Donald Trump represents a movement beyond the two-party system? Why are independent candidates mostly neglected?

A: Trump's presidency will be smiled upon favorably as the results of the conspiracy to destroy America by the Deep State with the COVID-19 bioweapon and the fraudulent hijacking of the Republic are presented to society at large. Trump won Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and possibly the states of Virginia and Nevada. Obama and others will be viewed as enemies of the people for their role in trying to short-circuit the Trump presidency with the Russian Collusion hoax and "Urinegate" libel. Trump had an administration honeycombed with enemies and traitors who are opposed to the rebuilding of America and the ending of American soldiers fighting senseless wars against people who are no threat to Americans. Trump's aim to rebuild America was undermined by sinister forces that pretended to be his friends. These people tricked Trump into giving tax breaks to the rich, and this sidelined his agenda to help most Americans. The chapter on Trump cannot be written until the facts of the electoral fraud, COVID-19 bioweapon genocide, and the total manipulation of the media and high-tech giants are revealed. Still, it can be said that Trump was a positive herald for America First. 

Trump will not leave the two-party system. He, for all intents and purposes, owns the Republican Party almost as totally he owns his brand and hotels. Trump has the greatest coalition of voters of all creeds and colors of any American president of the last 100 years. He has a mission to smash the Communistic-infiltrated Democrat Party and this cannot be achieved by starting a third party.

It is true that the political duopoly is effete and corrupted, but the Trump movement is driving the internationalist elitists out of the party. Also, Trump has built a bridge to Black voters without which the Democrats cannot win national elections. Independent parties and candidates are able to win local races but not national races due to electoral fraud and cash-biased campaign finance laws. The third-party movement will become a more likely trend as the white majority becomes a minority. We will soon have a white nationalist political party comprised of insecure whites unwilling to be Democrat or Republican because they oppose any power-sharing with Blacks or other non-white people. What exists in Israel where coalition governments are formed by smaller parties. A large number of COVID-19 deaths and other demographic trends suggest these changes are coming soon, and the effort to limit the voting of non-whites shows that this is understood by the white patrician class.

At present, over 50% of Americans under 12 years old are not white, and the white population's median age is in the middle 50s. The bigoted and intolerant and exclusivistic white majority just might have hated themselves out of being the dominant group in society. At present, the white population in 30 states has negative population growth rates and the U.S. Census is notorious for lying about the number of Blacks in the United States and inflating the white population with people who are non-European.


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