By Reza Moshfegh 

Biden admin incapable of handling domestic and intl. issues: rights activist 

April 12, 2021 - 16:18

TEHRAN – An American human rights activist says the Joe Biden administration is not capable of leading the U.S., describing his policies as clumsily too ideological which enrages the majority of the people.

“The Biden administration is neither capable of handling domestic or international issues, and his policies and those around him are clumsily too ideological on enraging the majority of the people with prevaricating promises, puerile policies, ineffective half-measures,” Randy Short tells the Tehran Times.

Amid hot discussion about the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck, many observers point to challenges that may threaten the future of the country like deep-rooted division in American society.
During his election campaigns, President Joe Biden pledged to restore American leadership via reversing Trump’s policies. However, some pundits are skeptical of Biden’s competence to treat American society’s chronic wounds.  

“Biden is incapable of leading the United States,” Short believes.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: How do you see the rise of racist movements in the U.S., especially against Asian-Americans?

A: I do not see a rise in racist movements in the United States. These groups have always been part and parcel of American life. Scores of millions of Americans primarily white or those that consider themselves to be near-white have had armed hate groups for decades. Regarding Asian Americans, there has been violence and discrimination against various Asian American ethnic groups; however, there are three things that must be kept in mind: (1) millions of Asians are embraced and assimilated as white and they are often very racist against all non-white people; (2) most Asians strive to be as white as possible which means adopting anti-Black and other racist behaviors and practices in addition to their own hatreds of people not in their clan/ethnic group, and (3) too often Asians seeking to be invisible and alien to Blacks or other non-white people or they are involved in illegal activity or are not lawfully in the United States and do not wish to risk being arrested, jailed, or deported. Therefore, for decades few Asians complain to the authorities about incidents of racial intolerance. 

Across the United States, crime rates are soaring, and Asians are experiencing what other Americans are experiencing—a spike in robberies and violent crime. Another issue at hand that is not being addressed Asian businesses have been giving a commanding role in the economic life of Black and Brown communities, and they often function as an element of racist white power and economic exploitation. 

 Racism in the media worldwide ignores the murders, assaults, and beatings that Asian Americans mete out to Black people, and as a result, the reporting has made the situation appear as if Black people are simply hurting Asians. This is neither true nor possible. Blacks are highly segregated from Asians all over America. Second, whites kill and assault Asians with more deadly results than anything that could be said of Blacks. Asians are about 7% of the U.S. population and are 1.4% of the reported victims of hate crimes. Blacks are 12.5% of the population and are victims of 60% of the hate crimes. When is an Asian an Asian or an Arab or white? 

Ignorant American whites in particular already have low or no tolerance for non-white people, in general, are easily angered by people different from themselves. People who hate others for no reason at all are predisposed to hate others if a plausible reason or cause is provided. Furthermore, many Americans cannot tell the difference between one group of Far Eastern Asians from another.

It must be remembered the United States has fought many wars and insurgencies in the Far East and killed millions of Asians either directly or via proxy allies in Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Laos. Many people grew up hearing the derogatory language used to describe Asians as "chinks”, “Japs”, “nips”, “slants”, “gooks”, "sand Niggers”, “dune coons", "Chinaman”, “camel jockeys", "dots”, "VCs", and many other names. These are most common among white Americans, but these words and stereotypes have been around for 150 years. There have been anti-Asian riots and massacres in America—all done by whites whom Asians favor over more tolerant Black and Brown Americans. The Civil Rights that Asians enjoy were fought for and earned by Blacks whom they hate, and these same rights were denied to them by whites who they love. The Martinican psychiatrist Frantz Fanon described colonized people who worshipped those that oppressed them as having “dark skin white mask”. A major solution I would like to suggest to solving the Asian American crisis is for them to stop being either passive or active supporters of white racism. 

Asians have either had a free ride in American life leaving the heavy lifting of the racial cross to the Blacks they loath so much or actively helped make life harder for people who have not bombed them in Asia nor oppressed them in America. The Asian Americans’ Stockholm syndrome days are over and they must sober up to the reality that the way that they have conducted their affairs in America, Africa, and Latin America have become toxic. Money spent trying to look white or alter their appearance or enter into unhappy marriages to whiten their children have not made them fully accepted as white. Their refusal to stand for justice has a price they are paying today.

Q: Do you think the Biden administration can address the challenges threatening the U.S.?

A: No, Biden is incapable of leading the United States. His honeymoon with the press and the left will end before Labor Day this year. Biden is a singular example of how the hatred of Blacks can help a mediocre non-original thinker American politician have a career in high office. He is white, male, mediocre, corrupt, and from one of the old slave-owning families. There is nothing distinguished about Biden's corrupt and bigoted career other than his ability to help keep the Anglo-American version of Apartheid alive by carrying the torch of racial hatred for his deceased Dixiecrat friends by exceeding their oppression of Blacks with his genocidal mass incarceration bill. He is a tool of the banking sector and if these forces wish to loot and destroy the lives of the American people for profit he will dutifully comply.

Biden lacks the charisma or character to amount to anything without his handlers and managers scripting everything he says or does. Biden's presidency is a crime against all persons suffering from dementia to place them in such a demanding position when they are not certain of whether they are still alive. Biden who struggles to handle a press conference or climb the stairs is not up to the job. Biased media-stoked Trump hatred has made much of the world's public opinion akin to an LSD-addled cargo cult to such a degree someone so deeply flawed as is Biden with his foul temper, innate incompetence, pathological hatred of Blacks, and rapidly declining mental state can effectively perform the difficult job on earth- the presidency of the United States. Biden’s Vice-Presidential choice is evidence that he has lost touch with reality and is on a sojourn to Cloud Kookoo Land. 

Q: What are the roots of deep division in American society, especially under Trump's presidency?

A: The deepest rift in America is the issue of anti-DAFTAA (Descendants of Aboriginal and Forcibly Trafficked African Americans aka Blacks) hatred and systemic oppression. The very concept of White people and Black people is at the foundation of society. Whites are the perennial winners and Blacks are the genetic perennial losers. The whole society is structured around how the Whites maintain order, wealth, and one-sided justice for themselves and deny the same to the Blacks. Most of what people know about America is based on a selective history, and many lies and myths are foundational to the national identity. The first European settlements in North America (on land presently part of the United States) were not started by the English.

The Spanish had outposts in what is today Florida and South Carolina many decades before the establishment of Jamestown Virginia in 1607.  In fact, a Spanish settlement on the PeeDee River in South Carolina was overrun by the Africans and Indians in 1525—nearly 100 years prior to the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1620. Secondly, the racist notion that the so-called American Indians were light-skinned Mongoloid-looking people is fiction that White Supremacists promote to hide the fact that many of the Aboriginal people of the Americas were like the indigenous people all over the world were dark in color—not white. In fact, Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) called the people he first encountered in the Americas Indians because they were very dark in color.

 Many of the people the Europeans encountered in North America misnamed Indians later were misnamed Negroes and later Black after 1912. Any effort to understand America without understanding that 100 years before the Declaration of Independence Bacon’s Rebellion (1676-1677) united Whites, Negroes (in the American colonial period the word Negro was inclusive of Africans and Indians), and their mixed children rose in revolt against the ruling English elites in Virginia. Angry rebels set much of Colonial Virginia alight, but Bacon became ill and died during the conflict which was suppressed shortly thereafter.

The ruling English elites, in an effort to destroy the solidarity and unity between the Africans, Aboriginals, and Europeans, created a color-based Apartheid-like caste system that made all persons classified as White superior free people and rendered Blacks subhuman slaves based on their color and blood. The system of Vita Durante (for life) slavery effectively made all whites and those who could become honorary whites (this is inclusive of Asians, Arabs, Turks, and mixed-race persons of the fair complexion) natural enemies of enslaved Blacks and they were rewarded for helping exploit, surveil, police, punish, kill, and enforcing the unjust order. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, racial hatred and racial oppression have always been central to the Anglo-American dominated republic. One of the main causes of the American Revolution was to prevent King George III’s government’s abolition of slavery and villeinage in the United Kingdom and due to the Crown’s making Parliamentary laws binding on its North American colonists.

Therefore, America was established in part to preserve the enslavement of Black people which was the primary wealth of wealthy Americans. Furthermore, the greatest threat to the American patriots winning their War for Independence against the British (1775-1783) was the threat of enslaved Blacks fighting for the English King. Royal Governor Lord Dunmore offered Blacks enslaved freedom if they fought to the Crown, and the American Patriots made no similar offer. As a result for every Black who joined the American revolutionists, another 5 fought for the British Army. Likewise, the British helped over 50,000 Blacks flee the United States to various parts of the British Empire, wherein they deprived the richest rebel patriots of their chattel property. Few people are aware that the War of 1812 was fought in part by the richest Americans trying to compel the British to return stolen slaves. The greatest defeat of the United States Army at the gates of Washington in 1813 was inflicted on the ex-slaves given their freedom in exchange for military service.

African-Indian people fought the United States from the early 1800s to the 1850s. These so-called Seminole Wars (also called Negro and Ibo Wars by the United States Congress) bankrupted the early American Republic and cost more lives than any war until the Civil War. Slave revolts kept the Southern States on edge, and the entire American economic system was wholly dependent on the labor of enslaved Black people—by the 1860s 60% of the U.S. economy based on cotton alone. The United States Government Constitution was delayed in ratification in part of the issue of ending the importation of Black people.

Black oppression was central to American life for example the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 ( which limited the expansion of slavery), the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, Banning of African Importation in 1808, The formation of the American Colonization Society (the U.S. government agency created in 1816 to repatriate Blacks to Africa), the Missouri Compromise 1820 (which limited the expansion of slavery), The Nat Turner Revolt of 1831, The Lone Star Revolution 1835-1836 ( Americans fought to preserve Black slavery, the Texas Annexation (1845),  Jacksonian Racial Riots ( two decades of urban anti-Black riots in Northern states from 1820-1845), the Mexican American War ( 1846-1848) was influenced by the desire to expand slavery, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, Bleeding Kansas 1854-1856 ( mass violence over slavery in Kansas-Nebraska Territory) and John Brown’s Raid on the Federal Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry in 1859 all were important national events early United States history—all either wholly or significantly influenced by the institution of slavery.

Finally, the most bloody and destructive war and most brutal domestic conflicts in American history the Civil War (1860-1865) and the Reconstruction era (1865-1877) were caused by efforts to preserve slavery and to reinstitute Black slavery under another guise. Over the entire course 20th century, American life has been punctuated by communal racial violence, racial pogroms, lynching, racial terror, race riots, ethnic cleansing, police murder, peonage, segregation, convict lease slavery, unjust executions under the color of law, non-consensual human experimentation, eugenics, and countless other atrocities primarily and typically inflicted upon Blacks in most of the United States, and no other ethnic group has suffered as much or as often. 

Racial hatred and ethnic divisions have always been a means to maintain power by the elite, and healing these would unite the people and could bring about a major social change. Lest we forget Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., and Senator Robert Kennedy were assassinated in 1963, 1965, and 1968 for trying to unite all the American people. The Black Panthers were exterminated for trying to unite the people. There exist agencies and forces in the intelligence community that keeps the people down. Starting in 1917, the United States government began targeting outspoken activists who were deemed dangerous. The Palmer Raids/Red Scare Summer (1919), CointelPro 1956-1973 And the activities of “Black Desks'', “Red Squads”, and elements of the American intelligence agencies have worked to divide and destroy dissent. 

Donald Trump’s presidency did not divide the nation. Rather Trump’s tenure in office allowed the world and Americans to see the fissures in society that have been in existence since the European settlers first arrived on these shores. In reality, Trump’s refusal to hide or obscure real social issues helped empower activists who are often ignored and dismissed for a want of undeniable evidence of systemic and structural racism and injustice.

 Trump as a President did not harm Black Americans, and his policies did not target law-abiding and legal residents or citizens of the United States. On the other hand, the racism and divisions in America are useful to the ruling classes who play on these problems to increase their power. Unity is not of interest to an elite who extracts its wealth and power from division and hatred. Biden and Harris are both persons who deeply hate poor people in general and Blacks in particular, and their roads to power were based on identity politics that thrive on conflict and racial fault lines.  The Biden administration given his 50-year record of persecuting Blacks ( best seen with refusal to continue the criminal justice reform policies of Trump and maniacal belief that Blacks are at war against Asians and his worship of mass incarceration policies),  his total slave-like obedience to the COVID-19 mandated fascism over American life, his nonsensical immigration policies and tolerance for human trafficking, and his deviant sexual obsession with offending the religious and moral sentiments of scores of millions of Americans promoting transgenderism and genital mutilation of minors preclude his being able to unite America in anything but bloodshed and chaos.

Q: Given the U.S. performance under the Trump presidency, do you think the country can present a successful model of governance to the world?

I have no faith in the present administration of President Joseph R. Biden or his Vice President Kamala Harris Emhoff because both are corrupt and insincere blindly devoted to the bankers, militarists, and the globalists in general. The complete and shameful failure of the Biden-Harris removes unwanted invading American forces from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and ends the wars in West Papua, Libya, Yemen, and the low-intensity conflicts on the African continent (Mozambique, Congo, Niger, Mali, and Nigeria). The Biden-Harris administration is destabilizing Central America by encouraging the flow of drugs, human sexual trafficking of children and post-pubescent youth, and continuing trade policies that destroy the economic base of primarily agrarian societies. Biden, aiming to mask his corruption having used his former office as Vice President to facilitate influence peddling to illegally enrich himself and his immediate family, has feigned being tough on the Peoples’ Republic of China which has given untold millions of dollars to the President’s family. Further, Biden has hypocritically denounced the Chinese mass incarceration of its restive Uyghur minority but has defined his political career repressing Black Americans for a half-century.

Biden is the architect of the most draconian laws on the earth that racially targeted millions of Black Americans to be gulag and warehoused in prisons that renewed constitutionally sanction slavery for Black Americans. Biden’s disdain for China’s human rights challenges appears to be the projections of a pathological liar, careerist racist, an unhinged corrupt sociopath berefts of his mental faculties and common-sense morality. Biden’s bizarre obsession with homosexuality has prompted him to threaten loyal ally nations to forgo their religious beliefs and age-old creeds to appease his quack-science belief in transgenderism and non-binary sexuality.

In a world fighting to recover its economic moorings, Biden appears to be more preoccupied with imposing debased and immoral degeneracy and psychotic realpolitik than pioneering a genuine international policy that is attuned to the political realities of today. Biden’s deliberate and premeditated attack on Syria and the continuance of the counterproductive and failed sanctions regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran manifest the maladroit and moribund foreign policy thrust of his administration. Whereas Biden has gained some international respect for returning to the United States to various treaties relating to global warming and trade, his decisions insult the highly popular “America First Agenda” of former President Donald J. Trump. Furthermore, the notion of Biden’s providing a successful model to the world is sure to be tested as the restive and angry American public is being held captive to his ineffective and fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” program that is ignoring the serious social issues faced by 330 million Americans.

The Biden administration is neither capable of handling domestic or international issues, and his policies and those around him are clumsily too ideological on enraging the majority of the people with prevaricating promises, puerile policies, ineffective half-measures ( i.e. student loan forgiveness waffling), continuance policies aimed to harm Black Americans,  amnesty and/or at-will immigration, gun-seizure, tolerance of the assaults on First Amendment Freedoms ( speech and assembly), and attacks on religious freedoms and culturally insensitive policy thrust ( i.e. the transsexual agenda) threaten to incite mass social disturbances that will far exceed the scale and scope of the George Floyd riots. Biden will be no more able to be a respected global leader than was President Lyndon B. Johnson was during the "Long Hot Summer" racial riots of 1963 to 1968 nor George H.W. Bush, Sr. during the Rodney King Riots that swept America in 1992.  Biden’s health and his leadership are failing, and the whole world knows it, and the world is becoming more multipolar because of failed, corrupt, indecent, and ersatz leadership demonstrated by a succession of American presidents that are tragicomic versus genuine powerful men with vision and purpose. 

Q: What are the main rulers in America? Capitalists or lobbyists?

A: The controlling interests that rule the United States of America is an inbred coalition of old established Anglo-European Banking families that can trace their lineage to royal or noble blood and those who are nouveau riche who have intermarried with the older oligarchical families. The new rich are primarily farrago of ethnys that all aspire to be either honorary White Anglo Saxon Protestant or are Roman Catholic or of the Jewish faith. All the commanding heights of production, important cultural, social, philanthropic, the military and religious institutions, the reins of government, and the purse strings of the public chest are controlled by what famed Sociologist C. Wright Mills called the “Power Elite'' comprised in the late 20th century the 400 families that controlled America.

The wealth of the richest 1% of Americans constitutes an oligarchy that is allied with their over class peers who rule the other nations of the world. Elite people are the true power that dominates American life not the ballot box or the officials elected by voters. The lobbies’ think tanks, research-advocacy institutions, and other entities all serve international finance capital, the conglomerated mass media, the high-tech industry, the agri-industrial complex, military-industrial complex, the medical-pharmaceutical complex, and hydrocarbon and energy sector. The United States has a hypercritical relationship with reality because it professes itself to be Exceptional, in that; it is devoid of having class/caste stratified society.

The United States claims that there is an American Dream wherein all people have an equal chance to achieve based on merit and unlimited opportunity, and that “all men were created equal” while maintaining a system of slavery and systematic ethnocide of Africans and the Aboriginal people. The foundational wealth that made America was derived from the enslavement and extermination of the African and Aboriginal people and descendants of the chattel slave and wage-slave owners are the rulers of America. Capitalism mixed with racial hatred, rapine materialistic greed, super-exploitation of poor people, atheism, militarism, and Social Darwinistic imperialism is the doctrine of the ruling elite. If the wealthy Americans cared about the welfare of their fellow Americans the trillions of dollars wasted slaughtering people in the Third World since 1945, the United States would be a paradise for all Americans to live decent lives and the world would be a safer and happier place.

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