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Toyota corolla PCO rental car

June 14, 2021 - 14:44

Toyota corolla 2020 made all heads turn to it since it was released and we are highly dedicated to checking why! If you are curious as well as us, then you are invited to read the article to the end.

Just let’s see why Toyota Corolla is such a great choice for families, PCO rental cars and even road trips! Pack up and fasten your seat belts to have a pleasant journey into the Toyota Corolla right now.

Let us give you one more piece of information before starting. As Toyota Corolla PCO car is one of the most popular choices among PCO drivers, we may mention this vehicle “the PCO car” in some parts of the article, however this is written for every car lover. Whether you are looking to have a PCO car for rent in London or investigating more to buy a Toyota Corolla, stay with us.

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· Safety features of Toyota Corolla PCO car

· Technology of Toyota Corolla PCO car

· Performance of Toyota Corolla hybrid 2020

· As a PCO driver, where can I find a rental Toyota Corolla PCO car?

· How much does it cost to rent, buy or rent-to-buy a Toyota Corolla PCO car?

· Conclusion: Is Toyota Corolla really worth it?

Safety features of Toyota Corolla PCO car

In every vehicle safety can be considered as the most important factor. Hence, we respect this priority and start our journey with the safety founded in Toyota Corolla PCO cars. As a glance to the safety, everything looks normal but when you take a deeper look, you will find it is more standard than normal. A safe trip with peace of mind is what Toyota Corolla gift you. Safe rear seats both for adults and children, less whiplash injury of the front seats, enough airbags around the inner part to avoid any probable serious injuries in car crashes, altogether made a 4.5 out of 5 stars rank for Toyota Corolla 2020.

Therefore, Toyota Corolla offers you a safe trip, for any purpose. Drive smart, drive safe, drive Corolla 2020.

Technology of Toyota Corolla PCO car

Another good news about Toyota Corolla is the designed technology that prepares a pleasant experience of driving a hybrid car. The most important factor in this case is the interior design which brings both comfort and stylish looking to your daily rides. No matter how rough a day you had, as soon as you settle in a Toyota Corolla PCO car, we bet everything is forgotten.

Toyota corolla PCO rental car

Besides the comfort, the technology features start from here. The common standard features available on Corolla 2020 include:

1. Entune (specific Toyota service) Audio System with 7-in

2. Touch-screen display

3. Integrated backup camera

4. Advanced voice recognition and steering controls

5. Automatic climate control

6. 12V auxiliary power outlet

7. USB 2.0 port

8. Pre-Collision System

9. Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

10. Road Edge Detection

11. Lane Tracing Assist and Road Sign Assist

12. Pedestrian Detection

13. Lane Departure Alert

14. Etc.

Performance of Toyota Corolla hybrid 2020

Time to check the performance of this amazingly safe and comfortable vehicle, Toyota Corolla hybrid 2020. The 1.8 L 4-cylinder engine is ready to take you anywhere in the UK no matter if you are in hybrid mode or gas mode. The interesting point is that there would be no extra noises inside the cabin as the sleek shape reduces interior noises. This sleek shape also brings a sporty look to the Toyota Corolla 2020 and that’s why it is a popular vehicle among youth, elderlies, families, PCO drivers, and so on.

With a top speed of 112mph and power of 120-178bhp, Toyota Corolla reaches 62mph (100kph) in less than 8 seconds which makes it more and more an urban car.

As a PCO driver, where can I find a rental Toyota Corolla PCO car?

We bet up to now, you made a decision whether to choose it as your PCO car or not! If so, we are glad to introduce you to a suitable company to find it! Note that as a PCO driver in the UK, there is nothing more important than having a tailored car to your job.

G&M direct hire is a credible PCO car company in London that offers most popular PCO cars in London and Toyota Corolla rental cars, with 2019 and 2020 models are among them. If you are looking for a PCO car for rent in London, don’t miss to check their pco site and best pco blog in london

Toyota corolla PCO rental car

How much does it cost to rent, buy or rent-to-buy a Toyota Corolla PCO car?

Didn’t we mention that Toyota Corolla is such an affordable car? Then we claim it now! Although features, performance and safety of Toyota Corolla go beyond the standards, the price, either renting or buying, is economical.

If you want to rent a Toyota Corolla PCO car, it costs you about £180 (not considering the deposit fee). While if you go for rent-to-buy Toyota Corolla PCO car, it can cost about £230 or more weekly fee. And finally if you are up to buying a Toyota Corolla in the UK, it will cost about £27k or more. Compared to other vehicles with the same technology, model and safety, it sounds great.

Conclusion: Is Toyota Corolla really worth it?

Generally, it depends on the drivers’ opinion as some drivers may prefer other vehicles. However, if we want to respond fairly, yes it is worth renting a Toyota Corolla PCO car in London to join rideshare apps. It is also worth it to buy a Toyota Corolla whether you want to be a PCO driver or use the vehicle for family purposes. Even though you may still find negative reviews for this car, we offer you to take a deeper look at this vehicle and find what benefits it can bring to your daily life or career. We tried to clarify all the needed aspects to know Toyota Corolla 2020 better and we hope you find it useful. Can’t wait to hear you have one of them to drive!

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