Book on Iranian volunteer in Afghan war against Soviets published   

June 14, 2021 - 18:52

TEHRAN – A book recounting the story of Ahmadreza Saeidi, an 18-year-old Iranian volunteer who joined the Afghan forces in their war against the Soviets during the 1980s, has been published in Tehran.

Rah-e Yar is the publisher of the book “Mission of God” written by the Tehran-based Afghan author Mohammad-Sarvar Rajai based on some notes Saeidi left after his martyrdom in Behsud, Afghanistan. 

The title of the book has been inspired by a phrase from Saeidi’s last will and testament as he called his mission to the war “a mission of God”.

Rajai and a number of literati attended a meeting organized on Sunday by the Iran Public Libraries Foundation to introduce the book.

“If we study the historical accounts of Iranian martyrs in Afghanistan during the Islamic jihad in conjunction with the accounts of Afghan martyrs during the 1980s Iran-Iraq war, we will be able to grasp the delightful and heartwarming tales that originate from the wholehearted beliefs shared by the two countries,” Rajai said. 

He noted that Saeidi detached himself from worldly attachments, leaving behind his family to join the mujahedin forces and to defend the people of Afghanistan. 

Saeidi and his comrades were among the first units of soldiers to receive military training under the supervision of professional military training officers in Iran. 

He traveled to Afghanistan following a meeting with the renowned Iranian commander, Mostafa Chamran, in order to support the Afghan people in their fight against the Soviets. 

While in Afghanistan, Saeidi’s talents for military affairs led Afghan commanders to appoint him as a training officer for their forces. 

The Afghans consider Saeidi as one of their national heroes and his grave in the country is frequently visited by the people every day.

Ehsan Parsi, Abolfazl Karbalai Puryzadi and Fazel Hosseini were among the numerous young Iranian volunteers that joined the Afghans in the war against the Soviets.

Photo: This combination photo shows the Tehran-based Afghan author Mohammad-Sarvar Rajai and his latest book “Mission of God”.


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