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Pasquale Minasi: 5 Pro Tips on Building a Venture from Scratch in 2021

June 15, 2021 - 14:20

Most people think of the hustle and tussle of starting a business and end up giving up even before actualizing it. Millions of startups are launching worldwide daily, and many are failing as well. But that should not be your hindering factor in exploring new ventures. You do not need entrepreneurial genes in your family to succeed; all you need are belief in yourself and some solid guidance. Meet Pasquale Minasi, a successful entrepreneur who made it to the top without any background in businesses. Here, he shares his five pro tips on building a venture from scratch.

Pasquale Minasi lives to tell his tale of success. The world of business is a survival-of-the-fittest expedition where the clever risk-takers emerge as winners. According to Minasi, the first step is to carry out deep research on the area of concern. Take time to evaluate different running firms and identify their weak points and strong areas. Once you do that, you will have a clear picture of what kind of a product or service is in demand and what is lacking in the market.

Now that you have an idea for a new venture, your next step should be planning. Every business needs a plan that is inimitable and promising. Your vision and mission should focus on quality, not quantity. For instance, Pasquale Minasi, the Founder and the CEO of BlueMagic Group International, has adopted the vision of becoming the leading provider of hair transplantation services in the market.

Pasquale Minasi also adds that there is the need to team up with other parties to boost your marketing strategies. As an entrepreneur, you have to create room for new ideas from your employees. As a result of treating your staff as partners, you will have a unique approach leading to the guaranteed success of your undertaking. You cannot always be right; allow others to help you look at specific items from a different angle.

Next, as per Minasi, one should remember that successful entrepreneurs are not born; they are made so by their choices. As an entrepreneur, your confidence must be above your fear if you wish to outdo your competitors. You should embrace the worst-case scenarios in business, and in return, come up with an overcoming formula. When you fail once, do not put your self-esteem in a rotting cocoon. Instead, fight back with a renewed spirit and approach.

Besides being the CEO of BlueMagic Group International, Pasquale Minasi also invests in other businesses. He insists on devoting to multiple streams of income to minimize risks.  According to Minasi, you must never quit at any moment, and you must be diversified in the world of entrepreneurship. Your journey as an industrialist has to go beyond your boundaries. In short, explore the world, and eventually, you will prosper beyond your imagination.

Many of us might have had the dream of building a business that we couldn’t live up to due to the lack of proper mentorship. But thanks to Pasquale Minasi and his expert tips, that problem is now solved for the leaders of the future generation. The fear of risk is what kills our dreams. Those who sit back and wait for miracles die poor. On the other hand, those who have tried a thousand times eventually succeed and live to tell the story.    

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