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On what basis is the price of walnut seedling determined ?

June 16, 2021 - 12:39

 As you know, walnut seedlings are one of the best options for planting in cold regions or areas where less fruit trees grow. Therefore, it can be planted in most lands of the country and you can take advantages of its very high efficiency. Most orchardists are looking for the best walnut seedlings. By planting the best walnut seedlings and taking care of it, the best profitability of the walnut garden can be achieved.

The price of each walnut seedling alone may not be high, but given that usually between 300 and 400 walnut seedling cuttings are planted in each garden, in this case, the costs will increase significantly. But orchardists want to know how to choose walnut seedlings that, in addition to economic cost, have the best fruiting rate for them. In general, on what basis is the price of walnut seedling determined? So, to find out the answers to these questions, stay with us until the end of the article.

On what basis is the price of walnut seedling determined?

Many factors affect in determining the price of walnut seedlings. Including; fruiting rate, the need for irrigation, seedling resistance to pests and diseases and the amount of need for spraying poison, adaptation to the climate conditions of the regions, cold and heat tolerance, compatibility with soil and need for fertilization and etc…in this section, we will point out some of the most important influencing factors:

Seed or graft: it is interesting to know that the main base of walnut seedlings is influential in its price. In general, walnut trees are planted on both seed and graft bases. The use of seed sorts is a more traditional method which has a relatively lower fruiting and performance. But at the base of transplantation, all genetic modifications are done to remove the limitations of seedlings as well as increase its resistance to most disease and pests and increase cold and heat tolerance and most importantly, the productivity of walnut seedlings is increased. As you can guess, the price of transplanted walnut seedlings is naturally higher. The price of such sorts is about 2times higher than sorts with seed base but according to the reforms that have been made on them, fruiting and resistance of seedlings have increased and as a result, productivity of seedlings has increased for gardener and it is more reasonable to buy it.

نهال گردو

- Fruiting rate: needless to say, sorts with higher fruiting rate, have better quality and naturally, they are more profitable for the gardeners. These sorts are considered gold for gardeners. All orchardists are interested in seeing the result of a year of unremitting effort with more fruitfulness, to be able to achieve higher profitability by selling it. Therefore, the demand for the best walnut seedlings increases

- Economic lifetime: economic lifetime is actually the period of time when walnut seedlings have maximum fruiting rate that is, after planting walnut seedlings and reaching the age of maturity, and before the old age of seedlings and decline in tree fruiting, all of these, defined in this period. Fortunately, most walnut types have a good economic lifetime.

What kind of walnut seedlings should we choose for planting in the garden?

Choosing the best type of walnut for planting, influenced by the specific environmental conditions of your garden and area. Climate, humidity, altitude (from the sea level), minimum and maximum temperature in the region, soil dryness and other such factors affect the selection of walnut seedlings. But some walnuts are able to provide the best performance with most adapted climate conditions and altitudes.

These are the best walnut seedlings to plant in your garden:

- Canadian palizgerdo seedlings (Canadian genotype): this type, in addition to good fruiting, also has a long economic lifetime. The best altitude (from the sea level) for planting walnut seedlings of the Canadian genotype is between 0 and 3000 meters.

- Chandler walnut seedlings: this seedling will have the best fruit at an altitude of 0 to 1200 meters above sea level. The age of its puberty is 10 years. Each mature tree will bear fruit about 300 kg annually.

- Farnoor walnut seedlings: the best fruiting for it, is at an altitude of 0 to 3000 meters above sea level. This non-native type is a product of France and its fruiting at puberty is 250 to 300 kg.

ATTENTION: for more information about the specifications of walnut seedlings, refer to the palizgerdo site.


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