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All about Iran tour packages

July 10, 2021 - 14:40

Nowadays, travel to Iran has become easier than it used to be, as now there are great travel agencies such as Chiyakotravel that help you through. These agencies provide you with all the necessary services for Iran tours. These services include helping you obtain an Iran visa and introducing different regions of Iran and Iran hotels. Using these services, Chiyakotravel can advise you to get the best of them.

This article explains more about Iran, its characteristics and culture, and how different factors have affected the culture of Iranian people. The purpose of this article is to help you have a better idea before your travel to Iran.

Iran tour operator Chiyakotravel

Iran Hotels

When one thinks about traveling to Iran, one may think about other countries in the Persian Gulf with luxurious hotels, but Chiyakotravel has a unique suggestion for you. An Iran tour gives you the opportunity of staying in hotels so fascinating that no luxuries can provide you with. Whether you have chosen Iran tour packages, or you have decided to explore the remaining of the Persian empire on your own, there are some hotels will astonish you.

Here are some of the most fascinating options that Chiyakotravel recommends the tourists to visit:

One of the most amazing cities for staying in is Yazd. Yazd is generally a hot and dry city. Of course, this is a predictable part of travel to Iran and staying at Iran hotels. but it is a crucial characteristic of the city as the special structure would not exist without such a dry climate.

You have the chance to get familiar with wind towers, and their ancient history that is as old as Achaemenids. The magical gardens of Yazd are paradises in the middle of deserts. Once you visit Yazd or other states with wind towers, you will understand how amazing it is that these structures could ventilate the room. This is the reason that Chiyakotravel recommends cities with such special features such as Yazd for staying at Iran hotels.

If you are to go to luxurious hotels and avoid turbulant experiences of life for a while, there are still loads of Iran hotels that Chiyakotravel offers. You can select any city in Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan, or Mashhad.

Iran Visa

As we explained, Iran is one of the most underrated destinations for tourists all around the world. But things may get a little complicated when it comes to obtaining a visa. Citizens of most countries can enter Iran and its territories by getting a visa on arrival or e-visa. All the same, it is better to get the visa online. Obtaining an online visa is easier and decreases the chance of getting rejected.

All the same, the good news is that visas for tourist purposes are generally granted easily. This policy means that despite disputes among different countries you can enjoy, learn and make memorable times for yourself and your loved ones. To receive an Iran visa, you can fill its form on the Chiyakotravel website,

If you are a citizen of the following countries, you do not need to get an e-visa or visa on arrival before your travel to Iran:

China (including Macau), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Oman, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

If you are not a citizen of these countries and want to travel to Iran, there is no room for doubt, as Chiyakotravel will help you all along the way.

iran tour packages

Iran Tour

Travel to Iran is a great idea to escape habitual orders caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdowns. These lockdowns have been mentally destructive to many people, especially teenagers and adolescents as they are in a greater need of developing socially. An Iran tour is a significant change for the people who are exhausted from the current situation, and Chiyakotravel recommends you to take the opportunity. Numerous Iran tours will help you achieve this goal, and Chiyakotravel has diverse Iran tour packages to help you along the way.

One of the most incredible choices is to visit UNESCO world heritage sites located in Iran. Even choosing this category does not narrow down your choices significantly, and you are still capable of making your favorite combination. World heritage sites are widespread throughout Iran. This geographical spread signifies that prior to travel to Iran, you should select your destinations. Choosing your favorite Iran tour is what our collaborators at Chiyakotravel will be pleased to help you with.

Iran tour is one of the most popular tourist tours among travel agencies. At Chiyakotravel, we hold many Iran tours every year and welcome foreign guests in the best entertainment places in Iran. You can refer to the following section to book Iran tour packages and book your favorite tour. You can also create a fully customized tour for yourself and we will run it for you in the best possible quality. At Chiyakotravel, we hold Iran tours individually and in groups.

Final Word about Iran tour

Iran is a vast and historic country and has a lot to offer to tourists. To travel to Iran, you can use the assist of Chiyakotravel, and select your suitable Iran tour. With the Iran tour here offered by Chiyakotravel, you will not worry about obtaining an Iran visa and enjoy its mysterious and underrated beaut

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