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Hamrahe Aval Supports Live Broadcasting of Religious Ceremonies during Mourning Month of Muharram

August 8, 2021 - 9:49

As mourning month of Muharram approaches, Hamrahe Aval, Mobile Company of Iran, MCI), like previous year, has provided special facilities and amenities for the religious circles and centers across the country in cooperation and collaboration of AGHIGH Information Center which is tasked with publishing news related to the religious circles and centers.

Accordingly, religious circles and centers can embark on live broadcasting their religious ceremonies using “iGap” Messenger and “Rubika” super application and/or by Live Streaming App. for Mobile Broadcasting. 

To support religious circles and centers, Hamrahe Aval (Mobile Company of Iran, MCI) in the current year intends to donate 30 gigabytes free internet to the centers which participate in this comprehensive plan as well as sanitary face masks due to the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19, in the country. 

For registering in a comprehensive plan of Hamrahe Aval and receiving the supportive packages, managers and directors of the religious centers are cordially requested to send Number 1 to the SMS System of 10009891 in order to take advantage of benefits of the Comprehensive Panel of “Hosseini Generation”. 

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