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9 Types of Pollution that You Should be Aware of

August 11, 2021 - 16:31

Pollutions have been our planet’s major concern over the last century. As life on Earth is threatened and the environment is suffering dire consequences every year, we all must be aware of these hazardous pollutions. Some of these pollutions are more severely influential than the rest, but we can all contribute to the battle against pollutions nonetheless.

So keep on reading as you’re introduced to the malicious facts about 9 types of important pollutions on Earth. We’ll also present you with an easy and quick way to communicate with other professionals in the industrial business.

Air pollution

Air pollution is the emissions of biological molecules, particulate matter, toxic gases, and many other pollutants into the Earth’s atmosphere. The source of these pollutants can be multiple factors such as human activities and natural functions. Air pollution can be extremely dangerous to all beings on Earth, as it affects many vital processes in every life form. One detrimental human activity to this pollution is industrial residues. There are many solutions to this problem, such as resorting to Industrial Directories that take eco-friendly factors into account.

Noise pollution

With the up and coming of modern cities and societies, Noise pollution has become more and more severe. The term noise pollution refers to the emission of ill-sorted and unwelcomed sounds. Such sounds can be damaging to people, plants, and animals and can cause chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases. There are also many psychological side effects such as an increase of anxiety in society. We can all be effective in battling this pollution by producing less unnecessary sounds.

Light pollution

By nature, our planet should be nearly dark by nighttime and Our main source of light should be the moon, but this has changed drastically in the last century. Anthropogenic light is now swarming the night on our planet. Streets, stadiums, industrial zones, and multiple other sources are now causing our planet to swim against its nature and glow on its dark side. Light pollution can also be dangerous to the environment, as it harms the health of life forms and disturbs the ecosystem.

Water pollution

Water pollution is another fatal phenomenon that’s threatening life on Earth. Water pollution refers to any pollutant that contaminates the water on the planet. A vast majority of water pollution sources are generated on soil and land that find their way to the waters. Some of the influential pollutant releases come from dangerous chemicals and sewage produced from agriculture or industrial activities. These effects can be moderated if certain measures are taken. One example is using Industrial Tools & Equipment that produce less harmful chemicals.

Plastic pollution

We all know perilous plastic is to the planet. As more and more plastic is accumulated in the environment, Earth marches towards its inevitable doom! Tons of animals lose their lives and many beings become extinct every year, as non-biodegradable substances pile up more in the environment. The ecosystem of seas and oceans is more vulnerable to this phenomenon, as most plastics end up in the oceans.


We’ve all been taught since childhood that we shouldn’t litter, and it’s true. Littering is the improper disposal of human-produced wastes. Some of these wastes include glass, bottles, electronic and metal waste, tires, etc. littering not only damages our life surroundings aesthetically but can also put the environment in jeopardy. Many of these wastes find their way into the environment and cause water pollution and soil contamination, which eventually cause more threats to human and non-human lives alike.

Visual pollution

There is a reason why we choose to get as far away from the cities in our spare time. The truth is nowadays what was once beautiful and clean landscapes have turned into unpleasant sights caused by human activities. These distasteful obstacles can vary from billboards and electric wires crisscrossing over the streets to garbage piles and vandalizing activities. Besides being inelegant to our surroundings, visual pollution can have other damages as well. Such examples being psychological problems, eye fatigue, and dangerous distractions.

Soil pollution

The contamination of the soil can cause many hazardous impressions on Earth. Soil is as important as air and water to all life forms as it plays a major role in plant and crops growth. Hence if the soil is polluted, crops will be less healthy and even fatal, agriculture will be weakened, and the general health on earth will be lowered. Again, some of the most general pollutants of soil are agricultural and industrial chemicals. Industrial Companies are responsible to take certain actions that will improve this situation.

Radioactive pollution

Radioactive contamination is another major problem that appeared with the arrival of the modern world. Radioactive substances can be found all around the globe, but when they become present in unwelcomed areas, they’ll pollute the environment and can cause many different dire consequences. Toxic radioactive chemicals are one of the causes of several dysfunctions in human bodies. One example being variant types of cancer.

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