Refugees seek asylum in Iran as Taliban takes over in Afghanistan

August 19, 2021 - 22:3

Panicked and distressed, Afghans continue to seek refuge in Iran as the Taliban has taken over in Afghanistan, Press TV reports.

As former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled his country and ceded power to the Taliban, Iran's eastern borders have seen an unabated influx of Afghans who seek a new life in Iran.

This is Iran-Afghanistan border and those people over there are Afghan refugees who have just crossed into Iran, a country they call their second home.

Some used to be wealthy businessmen who have lost their possessions in the conflict, and others are simply concerned about the future of their children; but all wind up here in this camp, where they have to wait for a decision by Iranian authorities whether to let them in or send them back to their country.

Iran's border police have set up makeshift camps alongside the country's eastern border with Afghanistan to temporarily accommodate the inbound refugees.

The Milak crossing point in Sistan-Balouchestan province is one of the border crossings that has seen the entry of more than 600 Afghans everyday since the Taliban began advancing in Afghanistan.

The Iranian armed forces say they have received incoming Afghans with open arms, providing them with all the relief items such as masks, disinfectants, food and medicine.

The collapse of the Afghan army and the government began with U.S. President Joe Biden’s implementation of his predecessor's planned troop withdrawal after two decades of presence on the Afghan soil, something which Afghans say has yielded nothing but destruction and bloodshed for their country.

Iran is already home to some three million Afghan refugees and economic migrants, the majority of whom are unregistered.

Now with a dream for a bright future, these people hope that Iran's border will separate them from their tumultuous past.

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