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All Types of Iran Tours

September 4, 2021 - 18:39

Traveling to Iran can be one of the most memorable things you can do in your life. However, it can become one of the most annoying things if your trip does not match your preferences and travel style.

You are going on a vacation to a new country to have a better time than usual. Therefore, it is very crucial to choose your Iran travel type wisely. The variety of Iran travel itineraries can bring forth a wide range of different experiences for travelers.

 Iran tours can be divided into different groups based on the different personalities and travel types. Therefore, you get to choose the type that fits you. So, you are sure you reserve a tour that will be one of those vacations you will remember for good.

All Types of Iran Tours

Iran Cultural Tours: the Path to the Unheard Stories

Undoubtedly, traveling is far more than spending your vacations in a new place for leisure and recreation. From the moment you step into the destination, you unfold the unheard narratives of its cultures. Thus, some Iran tours intend to take the visitors into a deeper aspect of the Iranian lifestyle, Persian culture, and history. They take you to the gist of the trip on the streets of cities, among locals, in the luxury or local restaurants, and through a time tunnel-like journey in the historical sites. These Iran cultural tours involve a great deal of our Persian culture, history, customs, and everything. So, the range of the things you may want to see is diverse. That is why you should get to know your preferences. Do you prefer more historical sites or more interaction with people? Do you want to spend more time in urban places or natural spots? All the journey moments including diverse nature, historical heritage, local food, magnificent architecture, as well as hospitable people of Iran, are exciting parts of every Iran cultural tour. But, it depends on you and your interests to modify which one is involved and how much.

All Types of Iran Tours

Iran Trekking Tours: the Unknown Wild

Iran is a country of different climates; it has mountains, jungles, deserts, and various plains. This diversity of scenery and experience has made Iran hiking tours a perfect mixture. Besides, Iran trekking tours widen your perspective. They break the narratives portrayed in the media from Iran as a country of deserts. From the greenery of mountains to the many mineral hot springs on the hiking trails, you’d get to explore the variety of sceneries that Iran has to offer in different Iran tour packages.

However, trekking mountains are not just about the trails and their natural beauty. It’s also about the local life and the stories you’ll get to explore. In different mountainous regions, you meet the nomads that travel by season. Or you’ll get to meet hikers from different countries in Iran. They can tell you more about the unseen trekking routes on your way to explore some of the Middle East’s highest summits in Iran! Also, it is always “the right time” to climb in Iran because it is a 4-season country. You can do it all year round. For instance, you didn’t make it to be in Iran in the summer? Don’t worry! The south of Iran has a pleasant climate for hiking in winter. Besides, you can head for swimming in the Persian Gulf at the end of your trip!

All Types of Iran Tours

Iran Damavand Tours: Exploring the Mystic Mountain

Damavand Mountain is a great challenge for all! It is accessible for anyone who is prepared for hiking and trekking. Particularly in the summer, it doesn’t need much professional hiking gear. Many people of different ages and various levels of professionalism will climb up the lush trails towards Iran’s highest peak. Not only Damavand is the highest mountain in Iran, but also it is the highest summit in the Middle East. It’s also the highest volcanic summit in Asia. It’s the 12th prominence summit in the world. Damavand is known as the ceiling of Iran in the list of 7 volcanic summits of the world. With its extraordinary view and a variety of flora and fauna, Damavand trekking tours will fill any eyes with joy!

Iran Desert Tours: A Trip to the Land of Serenity

The cultural and trekking tours are not mere types of Iran tour packages. Now, it’s time to get to the special item on our menu: Iran deserts. This vast country can offer you many natural wonders. But you will find out that these golden dunes are as lively as green jungles and blue waters. There are old cities and villages on the verge of drylands where their residents have overcome the severity of deserts and made their lives. The fantastic water supply system, Qanat, or the miraculous Shazde Garden in the heart of the desert are some examples. This ancient lifestyle is an exclusive Iran attraction. Yet, the main story starts when you step on the sands of Lut or Kavir Deserts. The white and mirror-like salt lakes, enormous stone sculptures, dune hills one after the other, and finally the azure sky of the night with the polka dot of stars all over it is all the extraordinary beautiful scenes you'll remember from Iran desert tours.

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