Gas refineries fully ready for sustained supply in winter

September 7, 2021 - 15:28

TEHRAN - Head of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)’s Production Coordination and Supervision Directorate has said the country’s natural gas refineries are completely ready for the sustained supply of gas in the cold season, Shana reported.

Masoud Zardovian said the annual overhaul program of the country’s refineries is progressed over 65 percent, explaining: “During the first seven months of the year, an intensive overhaul program is defined and implemented at a specific schedule for the 18 gas refineries that are now operational so that we can get through the winter smoothly.”

“By implementing this program, which aims to maintain the system in an efficient condition, the reliability of the refineries will increase, and in this way, we can maximize the amount of processing and ensure that clean, safe, and efficient gas is supplied to various sectors,” he added.

Stating that the overhaul of gas refineries began in the first Iranian calendar month of Farvardin (started on March 21) and will continue until the end of the seventh calendar month of Mehr (October 22), Zardovian said: "Obviously, timely repairs will be promising for sustainable gas production in winter."

"Due to the preparations, risk assessments and technical inspections using the latest equipment, the overhaul time has been continuously improving in recent years, and now we are able to allocate the least possible time to such operations in order to be able to have the maximum amount of production,” the official explained.

He noted that out of the country’s total 18 gas refineries (12 South Pars gas refineries and six gas refining companies), the overhaul operations of 10 refineries have been completed and the repairs of the other five are also underway and will be completed by the beginning of the cold season.

“We have made the necessary arrangements and made the necessary predictions. All our colleagues in the production, processing and distribution sectors are ready to deliver this clean, safe, stable and sustainable energy to all people, even in remote rural areas, so that we do not see pressure drops or gas outages at any point,” Zardovian said.


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