Iran-Saudi talks must be balanced to solve regional problems, expert suggests.

September 12, 2021 - 22:17

TEHRAN - An expert on political issues has said Iran-Saudi Arabia talks are aimed at solving the region's problems, saying Iran seeks peace, security and sustainable peace in the West Asia region.

"The Islamic Republic is interested in peace, stability, sustainable security and comprehensive development in the region," Reza Sadr al-Hosseini told the Mehr news agency in an interview published on Sunday.  
Noting that talks between countries are first held between experts, al-Hosseini said, "Usually in all diplomatic talks between countries, the talks are held first at expert level and those who are completely immersed in the details."

Sometimes these talks will take years, the expert noted, but at the end it will be diplomatic officials from involved parties who sign agreements.

"Political talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia are no exception, and all the provisions of a possible agreement and all issues that the two countries are interested in should be examined in detail at the expert level, and after resolving all these issues, the negotiations should be pursued at a higher level," al- Hosseini highlighted.

Negotiations usually take place in a shorter period of time when they are pursued at a high level, which either leads to a solution or not, the expert stated.

"There may be other questions and ambiguities in those higher-level negotiations that should be re-studied at expert level and expert comments should be made on it."

Iraq, whose prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi visited Iran on Sunday, has so far held three rounds of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia. According to the Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad, Iraj Masjedi, the fourth round of talks is set to be held.

An Iraqi government source who requested anonymity, had said Kadhimi will raise “issues of security, energy, and relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran” with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, according to The Arab Weekly.

Raisi has said his administration prioritizes close relations with neighbors. 

Asked about the role of relations with neighbors and its effects on neutralizing sanctions on Iran, the analyst said: "The issue of neutralizing sanctions is another issue that I think may be the next priority of these talks."

The Islamic Republic pursues talks as a principle, he underscored.

Sadr al-Hosseini further stated: "If the region is governed by a general consensus, it will be in the interest of all countries in terms of security, economy and security of the region's waters, and Iran is also interested in the region being safe for all."

The Islamic Republic is interested in peace, stability, sustainable security and comprehensive development in the region, and in this regard it is pursuing a fair and balanced negotiation, he said.

Sadr al-Husseini also said Iran is interested in resolving the region's problems as soon as possible and wishes peace and sustainable security for regional countries and at the same time it seeks an expulsion of outside powers from the region.

"Iran is interested that all countries in the region enjoy lasting security and non-regional countries not being present in the region," he remarked.

"The trans-regional countries, led by the Americans and the Zionist regime, are doing nothing but disrupting relations between the countries of the region and destabilizing the region."

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