WHO working to certify Iranian COVID vaccines

September 17, 2021 - 16:55

TEHRAN – “We are collecting the necessary information for the registration and certification of Iranian-made coronavirus vaccines,” World Health Organization (WHO) representative to Iran Jaffar Hussain has said.

"Despite the severity of the pandemic, Iran has been able to control the epidemic to an acceptable level by taking necessary measures,” he said, appreciating the actions and cooperation of the Food and Drug Administration.

Iran has taken measures such as closing educational centers, commercial businesses, forcing the use of masks in public places, and despite the problems and conditions, has been able to inject a significant amount of vaccine to the people, he highlighted

“I paid a visit to a COVID-19 vaccination center in Tehran lately and the work was managed quite professionally,” he added, IRNA reported on Friday.

Earlier in August, Hussain issued a statement, saying that it is encouraging to see an acceleration in coronavirus vaccination in Iran that started early August.

WHO acknowledges a great increase in the frequency of vaccination recently after the deployment of international and locally-made vaccines.

Mass vaccination accelerated

“We plan to double the number of vaccination centers, which is about 1,008 by now,” Raisi stated, adding, in addition, we plan to operate most centers in two work shifts to increase the speed of vaccination and to surpass 1.5 million injections per day.

He went on to in total, about 20 million doses of vaccine will be imported by the end of September, adding, about 30 million doses also will be delivered to the country since October.

Mass vaccination against COVID-19 started on Iranian citizens with the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine on February 9.

While Iran continues efforts to mass-produce local candidates, over 40 million doses of foreign vaccines have already been imported, and others are expected soon.

Iran is also producing vaccines jointly with three countries of Russia, Cuba, and Australia.


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