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carpet washing

September 18, 2021 - 16:15

In this article, we have provided information for you to get acquainted with some of the many benefits of outsourcing carpets to companies that use well-equipped machines. Of course, there are many ways you can keep your carpets clean at home, but sometimes, despite all these methods, you have to take the carpets to the carpet cleaner for an efficient wash.

Advantages of carpet washing

As you know, carpet is one of the oldest stuffs that is considered as one of the most necessary and important products in every Iranian house. Among these, washing carpets is very important because the quality of washing to protect Carpet-weaving is so necessary that TohidCarpet Washing has been able to work in this field in the best possible way by providing the best and most up-to-date facilities. Modern carpet washing due to its advantages today has a special place among the people of different communities and compared to traditional carpet washing has a very good quality and efficiency, including the advantages and benefits of carpet washing can be mentioned the following:

· Carpets are moved by conveyor belts

· Carpet washing is performed with advanced machines

· The rinsing process is done through the machine and in a uniform manner and under the specified schedule

· Carpet washing is done by experienced and skilled people in Mirdamad carpet washing

· Physical strength and fatigue of the workforce does not affect the quality and manner of washing the carpet

· New water intake devices are suitable for the type of carpet and do not damage the carpet texture

· Weather conditions have no effect on the drying of carpets

· Benefit from the best detergents.

· Among other benefits and advantages, by entrusting the washing of carpets and furniture to carpet washing, we can benefit from it. The type of detergent used in these service centers is the best and most desirable according to their expertise and history. They choose and use different types of detergents for various carpets.

· How to wash the carpet can be very effective in the health of the carpet, in this regard, it should be said that the washing operation should be performed in such a way that no contamination remains inside the carpet texture because it causes damage to the roots and texture of the carpet during It's time.

· Drying of carpets was done in open environments and under direct sunlight.

· It is not possible to wash antique and antique carpets due to possible damage and washing this type of carpet is done only by hand.

carpet washing

Carpet washing steps without hand intervention in tohid Carpet washing

1. Carpet dusting

First, the carpet is dusted with the help of machines or fully automatic vacuum cleaners. Carpet dusting is done in all parts of the carpet texture and carpet roots. These brooms absorb the dust between the carpet texture and the carpet lint.

2. Soak the carpet

Mechanized devices regulate water pressure and temperature according to the type of carpet. Water is distributed to different parts of the carpet at standard pressure. The water temperature set in these machines is completely standard and the carpet does not get wet with very cold water or very hot water. Also, soaking the carpet is not done for a long time.

3. Spread the detergent on the carpet

In hand washing carpets without hand intervention, detergents related to each type of carpet are selected by carpet washing experts. These detergents are then spread evenly on all parts of the carpet with the help of mechanized devices. The even distribution of detergents removes visible and hidden dirt everywhere on the carpet. Also, white stains from detergents are not seen as pellets.

4. Carpet washing

Carpet washing without manual intervention is done by fully automatic machines. This wash includes the top surface, the bottom surface of the carpet and the roots of the carpet. Parts of the carpet that have certain stains are washed with solutions suitable for that stain. Washing with mechanized machines is a very good option for carpets that have a light background color.

5. Carpet dewatering

Dehydration of carpets is one of the most important steps in washing carpets without hand intervention. At this stage, the carpet water is taken by fully automatic machines after complete washing. These devices have a standard suction power that absorbs all the water remaining in the carpet texture.

6. Drying the carpet

The last step in washing the carpet without hand intervention is drying the carpet. At this stage, the carpet is spread inside special greenhouses and dries in the fastest time without contact with any kind of pollution and sunlight. After the carpet dries, the mechanized machines pipe the carpet regularly and accurately and then wrap it in suitable covers.

carpet washing

Carpet washing prices in Carpet washing

One of the most important issues regarding carpet washing can be mentioned is the price rate specified for washing different types of carpets and services provided in this center. Based on the type of facilities and how to wash carpets, we see different prices for different types of carpet washing. Most users and employers are looking for the most economical and cheapest carpet cleaner to wash their carpets and rugs. Therefore, we suggest that you obtain detailed information about the price and the relevant cost before the final selection of carpet washing, and if it is approved, to place an order to deliver your carpets for washing in the center in question. Some carpet cleaners benefit from low quality detergents at very low prices, in which case users must be very careful and not sacrifice quality for price. Although many carpet washing centers offer more or less the same services and facilities, but there are differences in the way of operation and materials used in these centers that the choice of Zafar carpet washing compared to many carpets washing is the best and it will be the most suitable option for quality and safe washing.

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