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The best ways to reduce the cost of travel to Istanbul

September 19, 2021 - 22:25

Istanbul is one of the world's great metropolises, and the country’s economic, cultural and historical center. Istanbul is a fascinating city with a huge number of tourist attractions. Istanbul will impress even the most monument-weary visitors. 

Once you visit the city, you will not have the opportunity to explore all its sightseeing. If you are a fan of traveling to this city, it is better to get acquainted with the best ways to reduce the cost of traveling to Istanbul.

 Take a cruise on Bosphorus

One of the attractions of Istanbul for tourists is cruise travel. Most tourists rent private boats at high prices. You can use cheap and public cruises, so you do not miss the pleasant experience of the Bosphorus. These ships are known as the Turkish Sehir Hatlari.

Get a cheap flight to Istanbul

 One of the fixed costs of travel is related to flight tickets. The flight prices such as Istanbul Tehran flight, are high on high seasons especially summer, for cost reduction of your ticket; try to travel on the low seasons. Because prices in this period are more reasonable than any other time.  However you can Plan your trip with, the website offers you the best and cheapest flights anytime.

· Travel at the time as free festivals

 Istanbul always hosts a variety of festivals and special events. Set your travel date close to the time of famous and free festivals.

These events are usually held in spring and summer when the tourist population is increasing. Here you can get acquainted with some famous festivals:

1- Istanbul Tulip Festival: Every April since 2006, the city government in Istanbul has planted millions of tulips in Istanbul’s parks, avenues, traffic roundabouts and…really anywhere there is an open ground.

2- Istanbul international short film festival: One-week long festival in the mid-December

3- Istanbul Jazz Festival in November

4- Istanbul International Music Festival May - June

5- The Istanbul International Music Festival, formerly Istanbul Festival, is a cultural event held in Istanbul, Turkey

6- Istanbul Film Festival: is the first and the oldest international film festival in Turkey, organized. It is held every year in April in movie theaters in Istanbul , Turkey

 visit Esteghlal Street (Istiklal Street)

Esteghlal (Istiklal) Street is the pulse of tourism in Istanbul. You will have the most exciting experience in a beautiful area for free.

Esteghlal Street is literally one of the most beautiful and happy streets in the world. Street music speaks to people from different cultures and languages ​​of the region. You are constantly reminded that Esteghlal Street is inhabited not only by Turks but also by Kurds, Arabs, and even Iranians. People from different parts of the world enjoy its beauties. For this reason, the Tehran-Istanbul ticket is the most popular ticket for foreign flights in Iran.

Visit famous museums for free

 You can visit the most popular museums of Istanbul without paying an entrance fee. To visit these museums, you must visit the day when the visit is free.

1- Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

 Visiting this museum is free on Saturdays.

2-  Salt

This museum is free all days of the week and is located near Esteghlal Square.

3- Pera Museum

This museum is free on Fridays from 6 to 22 o'clock.

4- Sakip Museum of Fine Arts

Visiting Sakip Museum is free on Wednesdays.

The best ways to reduce the cost of travel to Istanbul

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Buy Istanbul Card

One of the best and cheapest ways to save money in Istanbul, Turkey is to use the Istanbul Card. It is better to get this card as soon as you arrive in Istanbul. With these cards, you can visit the main attractions of Istanbul at a fixed price. Using this card, you will save up to 60% on your payments. It is better to have a comparison between these types of cards in terms of price and discount before the trip.

Get to know several types of Istanbul cards:

· Istanbul Welcome card

· Istanbul tourist card

Shop and book online

You can shop online the most tourist attractions and facilities such as; airport transfers, theme parks, festivals, events and concerts includes a 10% discount of the original price. In addition, you can cancel your reservation at no cost and get your full money back

You can also go to Istanbul from Tabriz

Numerous airlines cover the Tabriz-Istanbul flight line; you can book your ticket according to your desired time and price.

In Trip (, Book confidently with us. Surf 100s of flights in more than 400 Airlines with no charge fees. You can always sort out your search due to price (cheapest), Flexible Date Search (earliest, quickest) and Last Minute Flights. In Trip Contact Customer Service Twenty-four-seven.

Trip strives to provide you the best rates and prices through its extensive communications.

Use free Wi-Fi

If you are looking for cheap travel, you can use free public internet in places such as hotels, hostels, cafes, etc.

You can use free city Wi-Fi called in Wi-Fi in the main squares, most parks, bus terminals, public buses and tourist areas of Istanbul.

If you are staying in Istanbul for a short time, use the Turkish SIM card for more internal calls and incoming calls. But if your stay is long, it is better to buy internet services for your SIM card.

  Remember not to buy a SIM card at the airport because it is more expensive than buying a SIM card in Istanbul.

Stay at hostels

  Istanbul has numerous accommodations and hostels, which is a good alternative for cheap travel.

Instead of staying at a hotel and paying a high price, check out Istanbul hostels before you travel and find the most suitable ones, based on price and location. You can book your hostel in advance.

Walk in Istanbul

  Istanbul is popular for its architecture as well as its natural beauty. It also has historic and glorious architecture, the most attractive landscapes and beautiful beaches in the world

Istanbul is popular for its architecture as well as its natural beauties. It has historical and glorious architecture, the most attractive scenery in the world, and beautiful beaches. You can walk and enjoy fantastic views in Istanbul. Especially famous places in Istanbul around Taksim Square and Galata. While walking, you will definitely discover different and beautiful places in Istanbul.

The best ways to reduce the cost of travel to Istanbul

Fascinating neighborhoods of Istanbul

Use Dolmus instead of a taxi

On routes where you do not have access to buses, use Dolmus instead of taxis. Dolmus is a cheap minibus in Turkey. There are several main routes in Istanbul that make it easy to get around. Like, Ottoman to Bishkek, Taksim Square to the Asian part of Istanbul.

To get from the airport to the city, take the bus called Hawash.

Do not exchange your currency at the airport

Currency exchanges at the airport will usually involve a 5% commission, which is not in your favor. If you need to change currency at the airport, take a small amount of lira to get to the city center by taxi or bus.

Use Turkish apps

One of the best ways to reduce your travel expenses is to use the destination country apps. You can experience an easier and cheaper trip by downloading a variety of Istanbul applications such as BiTaksi.

Finally, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and cheap travel in Istanbul, Book the flights Online Quickly & Easily with .This website presents the quickest and cheapest flights. You can experience the best flights for domestic and international destinations; it also offers the best and the quickest flight tickets from all airlines.

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