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Hamrah-e Aval grants internet packages to professors, teachers, students 

October 12, 2021 - 16:57

Six-month packages of 60 GB internet for seminary and university professors, 40 GB internet for teachers, and 30 GB for students have been activated according to the list submitted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) (Those individuals who have registered in ICT Gifts system).

As the most powerful locomotive of Iran's digital route" and possessing the highest internet speed record in Iran, Hamrah-e-Aval has been providing communications throughout Iran for many years by investing in local equipment and indigenized capital.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, Hamrah-e Aval rapidly designed, developed, and implemented the "SHAD" educational platform, which is a national educational-interactive medium in order to prevent educational system from being damaged. 

 Hamrah-e Aval praises Greco-Roman wrestling team 

Hamrah-e Aval grants internet packages to professors, teachers, students 

Hamrah-e Aval (Mobile Company of Iran, MCI) congratulated Iranian Greco-Roman Wrestling Team of the Islamic Republic of Iran for gaining historic victory in 2021 World Wrestling Championship.

Last night, “we witnessed the final competition of a number of Iran’s Greco-Roman wrestlers in 2021 World Wrestling Championships in Norwegian capital Oslo who won two more gold medals and managed to gain the best result in all-time history of Iran’s Greco-Roman Wrestling team,” Public Relations Department of Hamrah-e Aval reported. 

In a message, Mehdi Akhavan Behabadi the Managing Director of the first and largest operator of mobile phone in the country and sponsor of Iranian Wrestling Federation congratulated the glorious victory of Iran freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and wish them all success.

The Iranian Greco-Roman wrestling team collected 4 gold and 2 bronze medals in total to become the vice-champion of this year's competitions after Russian in the first place and before Azerbaijan in the third place.

The vice-championships for the Iranian Greco-Roman wrestling team came few days after the Iranian freestyle wrestling team finished the world freestyle championships earlier this week in third place after Russia and United States. 

The 2021 World Wrestling Championships was the 17th edition of the World Wrestling Championships of combined events and was held from 2 to 10 October 2021 in Oslo, Norway.

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