Iran FM’s wife meets foreign ambassadors’ wives residing in Iran

December 4, 2021 - 18:23

TEHRAN - The wife of Iran’s foreign minister had a second meeting with wives of foreign ambassadors to Tehran on Thursday, the Iranian foreign ministry said. 

The session was held at the Institute for Political and International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It was held in order for the wives of ambassadors and top diplomats of different countries to meet the new head of the Ambassador’s Wives and Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomats Association, also known as the DLA.  

In the meeting, Mrs. Amir Abdollahian welcomed the guests and elaborated on some areas of joint cooperation.

She highlighted the significance of convergence and cooperation between the DLA and the Ambassador’s Wives and Foreign Diplomats Residing in Iran Association, known as the DSG, saying such a relationship contributes heavily to the enhancement and promotion of cordial ties as well as the sharing of constructive experience between countries.

She enumerated the extensive programs already in the offing, and said, “On the back of all-out efforts by the new [Iranian] administration and the successful trend of public vaccination [against COVID-19] in Iran, we are trying to draw up a variety of programs while observing health protocols as the condition improves.”

“These programs designed on the basis of the pure Iranian-Islamic culture and values will provide for frameworks which would enable foreign ambassadors and diplomats’ wives residing in Iran to get more familiar with the religious-national customs and traditions as well as scientific, artistic, cultural and political perspectives of people who have upgraded their pure Islamic identity with the great Islamic Revolution [of Iran in 1979],” she added.

It is noteworthy that present at the meeting were the wives of ambassadors from different Asian, Latin American and European countries along with a host of wives of Iranian ambassadors and diplomats not to mention the director general for women and human rights affairs at the foreign ministry.

While introducing themselves, the ladies expounded on their experience of, and very good feelings associated with living in Iran.

They also presented a brief report on the DSG’s activities.

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