By Martin Love

In truth the U.S has become a weak and therefore dangerous country…

December 5, 2021 - 21:35

Average Americans with any sense of what the U.S. government is doing, especially overseas, are generally horrified withal but have little found power to push change.

Take for example a recent assessment by the Pentagon of the validity of its force projections with some 800 military camps or bases across the globe. The Pentagon’s conclusion this month is that it’s all proper and sensible when it is clearly little but a gravy train for “defense” contractors to make bombs and other weapons and keep unemployment low in an economy that over the past 30 years has been severely hollowed out by the movements of industry to places like China and Southeast Asia. The “military industrial complex” has become all and more that Ike Eisenhower warned about in 1960 when he left the White House.

Take for example Biden’s failures to enact a plethora of his campaign promises to aid the American people and also tamp down tensions with Russia and China and Iran in particular. And can anyone believe that an institute at Columbia University in New York recently issued a statement around the good chance that Biden may be too enfeebled to run again for the Presidency in 2024?

Even some Zionist leaders have slammed Trump’s and Pompeo’s move in collusion with Natanyahu against Iran.

The Columbia University group opined that his Vice President Kamala Harris and the current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, formerly a not so great mayor of a mid-sized city in Indiana, would make a “strong ticket” on the Democratic Party side in 2024. Harris has the absolute worst ratings as a VP, some 25 percent approval, than anyone ever has. Buttigieg is literally a bizarre non-entity in Biden’s cabinet who has little to none real experience on any topic of concern for anyone in any kind of power position in Washington.

It beggars belief that anyone hoping for a Democrat in the White House after the next election could stomach such a ticket. It’s virtually assured to hand the Presidency back to the GOP and just maybe Donald Trump, who has not been indicted yet for ostensibly sparking the insurrection around the Capitol last January 6th, a day that will be remembered in infamy forever along with other Trumpian malfeasance.

The GOP and with Trump in the White House made horrific mistakes, the prime one being demolishing the JCPOA in 2018. A move which has recently been slammed as the absolute worst U.S. foreign policy error this century, right up there with Baby Bush’s war on Iraq that commenced in 2003. And one must KNOW it was a huge error because even some Zionist Apartheid entity leaders have slammed Trump’s and Pompeo’s move in collusion with Bibi Natanyahu.

Demolishing the JCPOA has been slammed as the absolute worst U.S. foreign policy error this century.

And even if one is not privy to the finer details of the current JCPOA negotiations underway in Vienna, a good many average Americans WANT the negotiations to succeed and this reportedly includes a majority of Jewish voters in the U.S. who are at the margin at least becoming dismayed and disgusted with the human rights abuses by the Israeli Zionists and the refusal of Washington so far to mount any kinds of effective objections to what’s going on in the West Bank and Gaza. It’s only fair that Iran’s forty odd negotiators in Vienna are demanding (and focusing on) the lifting of sanctions the Trump gangsters imposed on Iran and also on firm assurances that IF the JCPOA is revived and there is a GOP White House in 2024, which is now more likely than not, that no one can re-do what Trump did in 2018 by essentially destroying what was the finest diplomatic achievement the U.S. has helped engineer in decades with its deal partners in Europe and including Russia.

Moreover, Biden of late has been trying to assert U.S. dominance not with any kind of goodwill and detente but by threatening both Russia around the Ukraine mess and China over Taiwan and its clear, general successes in challenging the U.S. on the economic front over the past couple of decades. It’s no secret that matters have become so fraught with peril this autumn that an error on either side of the divisions could degenerate into a nuclear exchange.

As a now retired former CIA employee, Philip Giraldi, who is notable for his journalism and commentary and who visited Iran as a guest a few years ago says so well: “All this saber-rattling is despicable. Neither Russia nor Iran threaten the U.S. and there is no reason why the U.S. should be eager to defend Taiwan or Ukraine (and also Israel). China’s military budget is miniscule compared to the U.S.  and the only real threat it represents is as a competitor on world markets, where it is already dominant in a number of key sectors. The U.S. has to get off this global dominance militarism wagon but how do we do it when both major parties embrace it.”

The truth is that the U.S. has become a WEAK country since it started so many unwinnable wars since the 1960s. It survives more or less in a cloud of desperation in Washington and mounting failures around its weakness, and so far its sole recourse has been militarism, as if that would revive U.S. standing and prospects. What would really stem the decline is peacemaking, but creative minds in leadership roles have been drunk on power and bullying.


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