Sri Lankan envoy opens exhibition on agricultural products in Tehran

December 6, 2021 - 16:55

TEHRAN – Sri Lankan Ambassador to Iran, Wishwanath Aponsu, officially inaugurated an exhibition on agricultural products in Tehran on Monday.

Sri Lankan Export Exhibition-2021, together with the Tea Stakeholders' Gathering, was held at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tehran in order to showcase various Sri Lankan food and beverage export products.

“Sri Lanka is one of the major producers of tea and, one of the key exporters to Iran with an annual value of around US$100 million. However, in recent years, we observed that exporting our tea and other agricultural products to Iran have been in a decreased trend,” Aponsu said.

With the Covid-19 tension across the globe, the popularity of herbal tea and other medicinal plants’ beverages among the people are growing, that is why we organized the exhibition, he added.


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