PMO condemns U.S. restrictions on Iran’s maritime activities

December 8, 2021 - 16:46

TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has condemned the U.S. restrictions imposed on the Islamic Republic’s maritime transportation activities, the PMO portal reported.

Ali-Akbar Safaei has made the remarks at the 32nd session of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Assembly which was held online on Tuesday.

“The foundation of the International Maritime Organization is laid based on the cooperation of its member states with the aim of maintaining and promoting maritime safety and security and preserving the environment and increasing shipping efficiency,” he stressed.

“Despite Iran's favorable role in IMO and the country’s effective implementation of maritime treaties as a responsible member, we, unfortunately, continue to see a series of unfair and restrictive actions by the United States against Iran's maritime transportation industry,” Safaei added.

The deputy transport minister stated that the Iranian government strongly condemns these actions that threaten the safety and security of the country’s maritime industry, and are contrary to the spirit of the international maritime treaties and the explicit text of Articles 1 and 2 of the IMO Convention.

“We call on the IMO member states to pay attention to the negative impacts and consequences of the U.S. actions and to hold the government accountable to the international maritime community and oblige them to refrain from such actions,” he said.

Further in the gathering, Safaei addressed the president, secretary-general, and other members of the IMO, saying: "The world will have security, stability and peace and sustainable development if there aren’t any oppressive, unilateral sanctions, contrary to the UN Charter and the provisions of the IMO Convention."

If the parties to the maritime conventions fulfill their obligations properly, there will be no restrictions for Iran for the expansion of bilateral or multilateral cooperation with other IMO member states, in particular the country’s neighbors., he stated.


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