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Kish Dolphin Park

February 1, 2022 - 17:25

Kish Dolphin Park is the first DOLPHNARIUM in Iran and one of the largest amusement parks in the Middle East, which shows a stunning display of intelligent and lovely dolphin games. Kish Dolphin Park is one of the most exciting and most visited tourist attractions of the island, funded and implemented in 2015 by a famous person named Hossein SABET (owner of DARIUSH Grand Hotel).

 This park was very well received in a short time. After a few years of operation of this complex, its responsibility was transferred to ABDOLRAZA Mousavi (owner of Zagros Airlines), and now the management of Dolphin Park in Kish is one of his responsibilities.

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Kish Dolphin Park


This complex is located in the southeast of Kish Island and a short distance from the city center, where Kish tourists can easily go to this complex with taxis in the city or a car rented from different centers to visit and have fun.

 Capture memorable moments in Dolphin Kish Park. The total area of ​​Kish Dolphin Park is about 100 hectares, which includes areas such as bird gardens and beautiful green space; While the green space of the complex has more than 100 species of plants such as: large Benjamins, temple fig tree, 25Cactus, palm trees, honeysuckle, salt glass, acacia, eucalyptus, black No field, Takuma, Junia Pruss, and marshmallow have given a special freshness to the environment.

Dolphin Park in Kish, in addition to these creatures, hosts 21 different species of marine mammals such as porpoise, North Sealion, penguin, South Sealion, and, North Sea cat, which you can see their art.

 Bird Garden This collection contains about 60 species of birds that have been brought to this garden from all over the world, and some of them are Ostriches, pelicans, macaws, storks, African penguins, toucans, rare species of short-nosed crocodiles, swans, and turkeys. Other parts of the Kish Dolphin Complex include a reptile tunnel, a saltwater aquarium, a classic show, a restaurant, an amphitheater, a buffet, and a residence.

Features of Kish Dolphin Park

The amount of water in the dolphin pool is about 17,000 cubic meters. Water temperature is very important for these sensitive animals and should not exceed a specific number. Also, the food of these dolphins should be nutritious, which is checked daily by experienced and trained people so that they do not have any problems. All the dolphins that tourists see in this complex have been trained by experienced professors with international certificates for a long time to be able to show exciting movements and unique and exciting art shows to the visitors. Dolphins are brilliant animals that can have an emotional and sweet relationship with humans. If you are interested in communicating with them and touching or feeding them.

Kish Dolphin Park

Different sections and facilities of Kish Dolphin Park

The large complex of Kish Dolphin Park, in addition to the dolphinarium, also includes entertaining sections such as the Bird Garden and the classic show. In the bird garden of this collection, more than 50 different species birds are kept.

These birds include the Macao Parrot, Toucan, Stork, Swan, Tanja, Derna, Pheasant, Pelican, Thracian, and Ostrich, which come together from all over the world, such as South America, Australia, East Asia, and Africa. Even in this garden, unique animals such as crocodiles, boa constrictors, and turtles can be seen.

Kish Dolphin Park

Among the facilities of this collection are photographers who take photos of visitors in different situations and places and, upon request, print these photos on paper, glasses, and provide them to the visitors. The management of this collection is trying to complete it by adding different sections. Areas of interest include artificial rainforests, volcanoes, orchids, butterfly gardens, and a variety of restaurants.

You should do so with the knowledge of the person in charge.

The price of a dolphin park ticket

The working hours of the complex are from 16:30 to 20:30, during which visitors can go to this happy and lively place to watch the dolphins dance. Visitors can travel to different parts of the amusement park, such as the Bird Park and the Kish Dolphin Park, by many special buses. Kish DOLPHINARIUM ticket price is not high.

To visit this collection, you have to pay 350 thousand TOMANS. Note that the visit is free for children under two years old and tickets for children 2 to 4 years old are also half price.

Address: Kish Island - the end of SIMORGH beach

Tell: +98 7644 482 092

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