Fatemeh Eftekhari

A souvenir for teens from the past

February 22, 2022 - 18:15

It had happened many times in my class that when students were reading their essays, it was clear that they hadn’t understood the difference between spoken and written language yet, so I had to explain it again, and now with the COVID-19, that schools are closed, and the classed are online, texting and writing in social media and online classes are all in spoken language, so the problem I had with their essays has gotten worse.

But to be honest, telling students that essays shouldn’t be written in spoken languages, and dictating some rules about writing all the time, isn’t really resultful. The truth is that this generation has distanced from formal and written language because of texting and communicating in social media. 

Consequently, we can’t expect them to read Qabus-nama, Busta, or Kalila and Demna; instead, we can use old tales that have been rewritten in simple language for teens. Using these rewritten books will help the new generation to feel more connected to the Farsi language and their history. We shouldn’t forget that anecdotes and old tales can revive a generation's historical identity.

The Book “Tutinama” is one of these books which has been rewritten by Zahra Heidari, from an old book called “Seventy Tales of the Parrot”. It has been published by Soore Mehr in 2019.

The story is narrated by a parrot whose owner is a merchant. They go on a trip, and the merchant asks his parrot to tell him a story every night so that he will not miss his wife so much.

This book has 19 narrations, and each of them is not more than two or three pages. The author has tried to summarize each story as much as possible to make it amusing for the generation that get used to the short captions of Instagram. Most topics of the stories are moral issues such as patience, hardworking, respect for parents, and so on. 

The images in the book which has been drawn by Mahrokh Mofid Nakhaei, are amazing too and you can easily find the connection between the text and the images. 

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