Shepherd life under spotlight at Qom photo exhibition  

February 23, 2022 - 18:47

TEHRAN – Sheep farmer life is under the spotlight in a photo exhibition underway at Farhang Gallery in Qom.

Photos by 28 Iranian and Turkish photographers have been selected for the exhibition, which will be running until February 25.

“Nature represents the power of the Creator,” the director of the gallery, Hojjatollah Atai, said during the opening ceremony of the exhibition last Monday and added, “With its unique beauty and diverse natural forms, rural landscapes drive us toward the true form of life.”

“This exhibition provides a deep insight into the environment around us, and is the outcome of the effort the photographers have made in the intact and transformed nature to find the unique and fascinating views,” he stated.

“With their sharp views, the photographers record the unique images of the universe to share them with us and help improve our visual knowledge,” he noted.

The exhibition is showcasing works by seven Turkish photographers, including Faruk Akbas, a world-renowned travel and documentary photographer, who has worked on numerous photography projects across the world for 35 years. 

He mainly uses the human element in the environment and space in his photographs. 

Musa Talasli is another Turkish photographer participating in this exhibition. He has won awards at several photograph contests on farming and agriculture.

A photo by Orhan Tanhan, a Turkish school teacher who started photography as a hobby in 2010, is also on view at the exhibition.

Among the Iranian photographers are Hassan Ghaffari, Amin Rahmani, Khashayar Javanmardi, Reza Golchin, Javid Khedmati, Shahab Golchin and Majid Hojjati.

Photo: A photo by Turkish photographer Faruk Akbas.


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