Ali Mirza Jafari

Ashura from a different view

March 4, 2022 - 17:52

The book “Confessions of a killed scribe” by Sasan Nategh, is about the Day of Ashura, which has been published by Soore Mehr publication.

For so long, Ashura's symbol has been a red flag, but this time, a white flag appears on the book's cover. 

Many books have been written about the Battle of Karbala, but I have never read about it from the view of Imam Hussein's enemies like Umar ibn Sa'd, and maybe this is what encouraged me to keep reading. The book also includes flashbacks to the times of Abu Sufyan and Mu'awiyah and engages the reader throughout a 100-year era.

Apart from the story of Karbala, we will also read about a scribe who was once one of Mu'awiyah's relatives, but eventually ran away from Mu'awiyah’s palace and settled in desserts.

In seven chapters, the author of the book uses the element of imagination to tell the story from the view of two separate people, one is a young shepherd and the other is a scribe in the Umar ibn Sa'd’s army who records the events. 

The story has other characters whom the author has used to narrate the events. Each character has their own story and comes to Karbala to get what they want, like revenge, money, or love. 

Among different stories, we will also read some parts about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS). 

Reading the book, I felt as if I were sitting next to the young shepherd or the scribe and watching all the events by myself. This book is such a great and simple book of Ashura with 234 pages that you may recommend to teens.

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