By Mohammad Reza Kaeni

"Revolution and diplomacy" in narratives

March 9, 2022 - 16:55

The book we'll be discussing is about Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Sadr, a diplomat and a combatant of the Islamic revolution.

Mohammad Ghobadi wrote this collection in the form of questions and answers, which has been published by Soore Mehr Publication.  

“I met Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Sadr for the first time in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building to set up future interviews with him. His office was at the end of a salon on the second floor which was like a museum containing the gifts of ambassadors and foreign officials. Until that day, I had never seen him up close, but I had read about him in news and article and knew that he was a realist diplomat, and to be honest, being Ayatollah Seyyed Reza Sadr's son and Imam Musa Sadr's nephew brought me closer to him. In recent years, he has been identified as a critic in the field of diplomacy, and he wasn't afraid to criticize, just as wasn't afraid to be criticized. It was quite easy and enjoyable to talk with him; yet, he had some excuses; according to him, all of his words were based on memory and that he had forgotten many things, but I believe his forgetfulness was due to his position! He consented to share his memoirs with me on the condition that I would not shorten his words or add a prejudiced footnote, so his insistence inspired me to compile his memoirs into a set of questions and answers,” said Mohammad Ghobadi, in the introduction of his book. 

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