Oil Ministry connected to national permitting system

March 15, 2022 - 16:4

TEHRAN- Deputy oil minister for planning announced the connection of Oil Ministry to the national permitting system and said: "Applicants can refer to this system to apply for a permit for five projects of the ministry."

Saying that the organizations had time until March 9 of this year to connect to the national permitting system, and apply electronically for the issuance of business permits, Houshang Falahatian said, “In this due, Oil Ministry has put the NGL, LNG, petrochemical/GTL, and refining/petrochemical projects as well as establishment of gas and CNG stations at the mentioned system.

Stating that the connection between Oil Ministry’s system and its main companies has been established with the national system of business permits, the official specified, “All applicants from Oil Ministry and the main companies can now refer to this portal (g4b.ir) to submit their application so that if the required information is uploaded by the applicants, their permits can be issued.”

Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ehsan Khandouzi has recently mentioned Oil Ministry as the leading body in connecting to the national permitting system and said: "Intelligent systems should replace office paperwork in granting domestic and foreign investment permits so that the process of providing services to enterprises can proceed according to a clear schedule."

The electronic permitting system has been launched and according to the law, March 9 was the deadline for all organizations to connect to the national permitting system, as the issuance of permits for the start of businesses became electronic since that date.

In fact, the implementation of electronic permitting is a new chapter in business environment with deregulation and facilitation of the permitting process.

As reported, at the beginning of the electronic permitting project, most of the organizations did not cooperate in this field, but now all of them are seriously trying to have access to it.

With the launch of this system, applicants no longer need to apply in person to start a business and can obtain the relevant permits electronically.

Also, before the approval of the mentioned system, it was not clear how many permit applicants each organization has, but with this measure, the amount of application or the number of permits issued for each organization can be seen in the national permitting portal.

In addition, prior to this decision, applicants were not sufficiently aware of the requirements for starting any business and were confused, but with this action, they can access all the necessary conditions for obtaining a business start permit at once.

On the other hand, by connecting to this system, the entire permitting process is reviewed and monitored, and the distance between the application registration and the time of receipt of the permit is clear and transparent.

As stated by a board member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA), launching the electronic permitting system is a major step to develop businesses.

If permits are issued in an integrated and online manner, it will be the most important step in business development and job creation, Nasser Riyahi has noted.

Stating that nowhere in the world there is as many permits as in our country, he said: "In the world, someone who has the necessary qualifications and specifications creates a business and inspections are done while the business is running."


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