Foreign Ministry felicitates Islamic Republic Day

April 2, 2022 - 20:54

TEHRAN — On the occasion of Islamic Republic Day, Iran’s Foreign Ministry released a statement celebrating the day.

In the statement, the ministry hailed the festive day, calling it a “turning point” in the history of Iran.

Iran was declared Islamic Republic on April 1 as 98.2% voted in a national referendum for the establishment of republic system. The referendum took place on March 30-31, 1979.

The following is the full text of the statement:

“Farvardin 12 (April 1), as a lasting part of the Iranian history and the manifestation of republicanism and the religious democracy of the sacred establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the realization of the will of the noble and proud people of Iran, has been rightfully called a concrete example of a Day of God and a festive day for the great Iranian nation.

It is an auspicious day that became a turning point in the history of the great Iranian nation’s Revolution and a prelude to the establishment and consolidation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s sacred establishment, which is the fruit of years of bravery and sacrifices by the courageous people of Iran in defending their colossal achievements.

It is a day that will live in history on thanks to the epic participation of the noble and history-making Iranian people in the countrywide referendum and the decisive vote of over 98 percent in favor of the Islamic Republic.

The great gift of this great anniversary and massive national movement was the realization of the slogan of ‘independence, freedom, and the Islamic Republic’ and the start of the holy path of religious democracy in a world divided between the ideologies of the communist East and the capitalist West. It is a unique achievement that has served as a criterion of measurement for the agents and servants of Islamic Iran all these years in the spheres of domestic policy and foreign relations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers congratulations on the anniversary of this day of God to Iran’s wise Leader and honorable nation and pays tribute to the memory of Imam Khomeini and martyrs of the Islamic Revolution.

The Ministry once again reaffirms its full commitment to the lofty ideals of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam (Khomeini) and the Revolution’s wise Leader, emphasizing that it will spare no effort to fulfill the interests of the great Iranian nation on the foreign policy front and via the expansion of balanced, diverse relations with different countries, especially the neighbors, and will remain steadfast in paving the way for Islamic Iran’s development, prosperity and progress and consolidating the Islamic Republic of Iran’s holy establishment.”

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