By Shahed Tuhidi

Memoirs of the late Marzieh Hadidchi

April 4, 2022 - 17:35

The book “Living in the midst of a revolution's history” by Muhsem Kazemi contains some of the memories of Marzieh Hadidchi that have been published by Soore Mehr publication. 

“Women played an important role in the Islamic revolution, both in achieving and guarding some successes. In the battles against the imperial regime, women had both direct and indirect roles including field operations, printing and putting up posters, attending social-political classes, drawing supporters and members, financial aid, and a variety of other secret activities. Also, their indirect activities included raising intelligent and faithful children, encouraging husbands, brothers, and children to participate in battles, financially supporting their families, and bringing peace to them. Addressing the role of women in the history of the Islamic Revolution is a cultural necessity, and the best method to do so is to document and publish the memories of women who directly played a role in the development and success of the Islamic Revolution. Mrs. Marzieh Hadidchi was one of the brave women who willingly entered the battlefield and overcame numerous obstacles, and her life was full of memories and tragedies. In February 2009, I met and spoke with Mrs. Hadidchi for the first time after making a few phone calls, with the goal of persuading her to publish her memoirs, which she eventually did, and we managed to create questions for her to answer and helped us in this prosses,” said the author in the introduction.


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