An interview with Mohsen Kazemi

The deconstruction of "Ahmad Ahmad Memories" in writing a diary

April 5, 2022 - 17:42

This book focuses on the memories of Ahmad Ahmad, a warrior against the Pahlavi regime who has collaborated and worked with some militant groups and has been arrested, tortured, and imprisoned by SAVAK several times. It has been published by Soore Mehr publication.

“The was released ten years ago, and if it had been published in today's world that diaries have more fans, it would undoubtedly have established a new publishing record,” said the author in an interview with IQNA,

“This book deconstructed the diary field in the last decade and was considered a one-of-a-kind style at the time,” he added.

He mentioned that the book took him four years to write and that he wanted the story to be judged by the readers.

In another part of the interview, Mohsen Kazemi described the main character's personality as a strong, honest, and faithful person who suffered terribly on the way to the Islamic Revolution's victory.

“It was hard for Mr. Ahmad to recall all the memories from 40 years ago, and he confessed that the interviews reminded him of past interrogation scenes,” said Mohsen Kazemi about Ahmad Ahmad. 

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