An interview with Muhammad Reza Sarshar

Conversations without an expiration date

April 8, 2022 - 18:4

"An unusual immersion in the field of the story" is a book written by Muhammad Reza Sarshar, and published by Sooreh Mehr, that has 46 interviews with 42 contemporary Iranian authors.

All of the interviews have been collected from the fiction magazine since the start of the magazine when Martyr Morteza Avini was still the editor-in-chief of it. 

* Let's begin with how this collection of interviews came to be, and how you checked the archive of the fiction magazine. 

I checked all of them, collected them, and then divided them into three separate books; interviews with well-known contemporary Iranian authors, interviews with non-Iranian authors whose books have been translated into Persian, and interviews with translators who translate well-known books by non-Iranian authors.

* How did you decide to publish these interviews?

The magazine was generally well-written and entertaining, and it was more than just a monthly magazine. Many interesting interviews were conducted that have the potential to be republished as a book, especially because the publications were no longer available to the general public and hardly anyone had access to their archives; that’s why I started collecting conversations and categorizing them as they were presented.

* Explain the process for selecting the interviews.

Some of them had expiration dates, and they were only meant to address a temporary issue before becoming outdated on their own. A number of them are of poor quality for various reasons, such as weak questions, the interviewee and interviewer skipping over the topics and not going into depth, or the interviewee's replies not being correct and valuable. Interviews with important persons, with smart questions and responses, are always worth republishing in a variety of formats, including books. And these kinds of books have their own readers, such as students, experts, and researchers. 

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